Essays on Business And Human Resources Assignment

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Conflict /grievance resolution is very important in ensuring that smooth working conditions are realized in various organizations. This will also help in increasing productivity. Some of these grievance resolution practices are discussed below. Workers Roles And ResponsibilityOrganizations should ensure that roles and responsibilities are defined and agreed upon with the concerned parties. Job descriptions should be properly indicated so that one can know those duties he/she is expected to carry out. Knowing your duties and responsibilities will minimize any chances of conflicts arising in the work place. Duties will be well carried out while specifications on job description will ensure that everything is done as per the employer’s expectations; this will in turn ensure that sub-ordinate staffs are not in conflict with their bosses regarding uncompleted job assignments. All organizations will be required to have staff rosters which specify the staff to be on duty on a particular period of time, say one week.

This will be more applicable in the institutions of learning, for example, a secondary school where duty roster has been a tradition since the medieval times. This will ensure that conflicts prevention measures are put in place in the workplace. Firms should introduce industrial awards to be presented to the higher achievers in the company.

The awards will highly motivate workers with all of them working hard towards attaining the awards. Organization’s competence standards should be established, this would guide workers on their employer’s expectations. It will increase efficiency and improve the quality of work done thus averting cases of dispute occurrence. Employees will work as expected of them thus conflicts amongst themselves will curtail. There should be some well laid down work plans, which will guide workers on what they are expected to achieve in a specified period of time.

The work plan should be simply the results to be achieved or a plan of work to be carried out. A work plan will help in identifying those problems that workers are likely to come across and phase such challenges and tackle problems without disrupting the organizations smooth running. The work plan can either be complex or simple. Any organization should follow the following stages in developing their work place. 1.

Defining the problem2. Thinking of solutions3. Assessing solutions4. Selecting the best solution5. Planning6. Acting and evaluatingWith the structured plans everything is likely to go as planned thus avoiding any instances of conflicts and disputes within the team. Staff meetings should be held at regular intervals and matters discussed in these meetings as well as the decisions agreed upon should be followed by every one. Any complaints should be aired and addressed in such meetings while the conflicting parties will be reconciled. Conflicts should be solved fairy to avoid the degeneration of more conflicts. Disciplinary actions should be applied against those individuals who go against the company rules and regulations.

This will ensure that workers follow the laid down rules in carrying out their duties. Emergency meeting should be converged immediately should a conflict arise. This will ensure that conflicts are solved promptly. A copy of the management directives and decisions needs to be issued to each worker so that each one of them can get to know what the management expects from them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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