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Entry 1 Corporate Social And Environmental Responsibilities Are Not Merely Philanthropy, But Instead, They Are Strategic Business Issues. After reading the article by Michael E Porter titled ‘A Strategic Approach to Climate’, I found my mind lost in the corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability practices in the modern business world. As opposed to the former years where social responsibility and environmental sustainability practices were mere philanthropy, the two practices are as at today strategic business issues. In today’s business world, the objectives of business organizations it is not just to make profit, but to ensure that they give value to the customers and the society at large.

Corporate social responsibility is a business strategy which aims at ensuring that a business organization is gives back to the community. Social responsibility practices are meant to create a smooth coexistence of a business organization with the society in which it is based. In so doing, a good business environment is created. On the other hand environmental responsibilities involve all business practices which uphold environmental conservation. Such practices involves environmental conservation practices for instance forestation, reduction of the emission of carbon gases, the use of green energy, efficient waste management, efficient water use and eco –friendly packaging amongst other eco- friendly practices.

The following reflection paper will give an insight into the two issues identified above. Environmental degradation is a major problem facing the world today. This is due to the severe effects of environmental degradation. In order to counter this, the world leaders in association with the corporate leaders have embarked on sustainability campaigns which are aimed at reversing the trend which is at not proving to be a threat to human existence.

In his article, Porter talks about climate change and the need for environment sustainability in details. Climate change is a result of the large amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. The carbon gases trap heat energy on the earth’s surface and as a result of this, global warming occurs. The major sources of the carbon gases are business organizations; industries and factories which are consistently emitting large amounts of carbon gases into the environment. The burning of fossil fuels in automobiles and industries is also a major source of carbon gases.

Other sources of carbon gases includes bad waste management practices and in appropriate farming methods. Other environmental concerns in the world include the use of green energy and efficient water use. Due to the negative effects of environment degradation such as climate change, it has become important that business organization embrace environmental sustainable practices ( Porter, 2007, p. 26). Some of the sustainability measures includes: reduction of carbon emissions, efficient water use, the use of green energy such as solar and wind energy, the use of green logistics and appropriate waste management strategies.

It is important for a business to be environmentally sustainable for it to survive in the market. For this reason, business organizations have no option but to be environmentally responsible. Another issue which goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility is corporate social, responsibility. As indicated earlier, cooperate social responsibility (CSR) involves all the activities and practices which aims at giving back to the society. In the modern business world, it is almost impossible for a business organization too remain competitive in the market if it does not have a health relationship with the society on which it is located.

For this reason CSR is an important business strategy which ensures that an organization is able to establish a good relationship with its customers in addition to creating a good image of itself in the market; hence attracting more customers (Jeff, 2010, p. 39).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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