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Roundhay Music FestivalPurposeTo advise the Leeds city council on how to better organize a music festival attract a good number of audiences, helping in strengthening the new York share profile, Developing a creative environment as well as advising them on how to recruit a creature team to ensure a sensational three days that will have the evidences fired up and ready to attend such a well organized event each in the future. BackgroundThere has been a sharp increase in the numbers of organized events in the world individual in public authorities who take part finding decisions as well as culture policy and in the cultural professions are all interested in the economic, social and artistic background of festivals.

In the year 2004, for example, the Hungarian Notational cultural fund opted to undertake intensive research in different cultural arenas it therefore choose to promise cultural festivals research in its tourism sector other than the orientation need arising from the versatility and variety of the cultural fields. The board sought answers to other questions in its research for instance how can the festival be monitored if the subsidy was between the various festivals?

To which level can NKA help in the integration of the festivals industry among others. It was clear that culture and tourism tenders would be no more as from the year 2005. Cultural festivals under integrated subsiding system were very beneficial to the entire culture development national economy and religion development due to its successful nature. This culminated into the creation of another board in the year 2005, the board was mainly started to oversee the country’s major cultural events.

The board distributed more cultural festivals in the succeeding year than the NKA board and this it did on its own i. e. there were no any resources, aspect and experts. Borrowed from he national tourism board. In general, cultural festivals and events have been in operation in the entire history of human race initially the events were basically religious in nature. They were characterized by solemnity and somberness the very way they are currently characterized. A modern world festival carries varied roles with their assessment and survey lacking various angles.

(Crafts, 2001)Festival Roles Though the current world’s festivals are not very much characterized by explorations which are artistic in nature festivals as events directed towards improving the populations feeling of comfort. They have ceased to be the festivity for the rich class of people and now a common part of the population. (Shone, 1998)European population have various ways in which they consume the necessary entertainment in various forms it is important to note that most of those festivity reaches their homes through interest, satellite, cable mobile phone and other communication channels. It is therefore clear that most people will not attend this event physically in the destined areas.

The number of gypsy musicians and circus artistes who perform in restaurants is said to be curtaining year after the other. However, chamber orchestras, that group, fork dance groups and symphonic orchestras along with the participants in the above groups have continued to increase as years go by currently the various organized festivals is helping this group in meeting the audience and thus increasing their opportunity. (Shone, 1998)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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