Essays on Identification of the Problem of the Earthquake in Japan Case Study

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The paper "Identification of the Problem of the Earthquake in Japan" is a great example of a management case study.   Identification and analysis of a problem will facilitate a better decision making procedure. Earthquake, in this case, necessitates decision making which will enable a firm to recover after the tragedy. The strong earthquake that hit Japan, 520 kilometers distance from Tokyo affected the office, located at Rio Tinto Japan. This was on 11th March 2011after caused a number of issues that needed attention by our organization and other affected parties.

The earthquake rigorously shook buildings and three times and sent aftershock waves afterwards that made buildings unstable. The strong impact of the tragedy was felt by residents in Tokyo including our office despite the fact that it struck an area 520 kilometers away from Tokyo. Among other things that were destroyed, the power system was malfunctioned. Operation of trains was also affected as a result of this especially those that entirely relied on the power system. Other devices using power supply were also affected including traffic lights buildings and the lighting system. Uncertainties also arise as a result of the earthquake.

Uncertainty such as food availability for two to three days, fuel supply and prices, time taken for trains to start working and degree or level of damage were as a result of the tragedy. The post-earthquake decision on what was to be done on Monday was among the issues that faced where we were supposedly required report to the office and resume business. This needed a viable decision-making process considering alternatives, choices and best decision to help reconstruct the organization by repairing any damages.

Decision making is also coupled with adequate implementation procedures and analysis of possible consequences. Business aspects like accounting, marketing, communication, business information systems, management, business law and economics. Effects of the decisions not only reflect on the business alone but also the general industry. Decision making The decision making process: Identification of the problem The main problem being investigated is the damage to the power system and other damages caused as a result of the earthquake. The earthquake, which hit Japan at 520-kilometer difference from Tokyo tampered with the power system, business operation, train transport stem and other electric-oriented services.

There is, therefore, need for decision-making procedures to recover these systems including electric power system restoration after earthquake damages for the purpose of business and economic recovery. A viable process must be considered and implemented. There are a number of models applicable in reinstating the power system so as to recover the normal business operations; however, they also involve limitations and advantages. The information systems of business are likely to have been disrupted as a result of the earthquake. Economic state of countries’ ’ industries and business are the most affected in case of an earthquake. Problem analysis The functionality of the infrastructure system as a result of earthquake majorly interrupts economic activities.

Damage of the power system resulted in disruption of activities and other damages. For example operation of trains contributes to countries revenue and Japan economic growth. The duration of lack of services and interruption of business operations was a serious determinant of high degree economic disruptions resulting in indirect loses. Communication was also affected as a result of power shortage and therefore inadequate access to stakeholders’ especially customers.

Repair and recovery operations will require an outflow of the firm’ s finances apart from damages covered by the insurance company. Inadequate communication with customers will also have an effect on the revenue flows thus reducing profits.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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