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The paper "Critical-Thinking in Business Organization" is a great example of a management essay.   Studies have shown that the most important element that employees need for a long term growth is the art of critical thinking. With the increased globalization, there is a fast growth of business in most firms. The work settings are changing, the roles of the employee’ s areas well changing too. As such, a modern employee does not necessarily rely on other colleagues to make crucial decisions. Employees and the management teams will be required to be making their effective decisions. Good decisions in business organizations majorly focus on the relevant available information.

Employees and managers can get relevant information by asking the right questions. The reliable facts in the organizations are also separated from the false assumptions during decision making. All these elements act as critical thinking elements in a business organization. According to the US department of labor, critical thinking has been identified as one of the raw materials and a key aspect of workplace skills. The skills derived from critical thinking have been fundamental in the following area in an organization; problem-solving, organizational planning, decision making, and risk management.

The risk management department, for instance, relies on critical thinking to aid in the crucial decision-making process that is involved. Critical thinking in the workplace Organizations occasionally conduct assessments to evaluate the level of critical thinking in the organization. Over the period, it has been observed that those who tend to score higher in these particular tests have also been rated by their supervisors to be having the following characteristics; · Job Knowledge· Creativity· The potential to move up with the organization· Good overall job performance· Good judgment and decision skills· Problem-solving skills· Good analytical skills From these findings, it is important to know how critical thinking works.

Every organization thrives on identifying these three keys to critical thinking. The model that is commonly used to master the concept is called the RED model.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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