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The paper "Video Business - Adobe Company" is a perfect example of a business case study. The company's  entry into the new market is characterized by a lot of issues. Some of the most significant issues include flat market growth and captured markets which are the most conspicuous issues in this report. These issues have caused to stagnated growth of Adobe Company. The report also identifies user base and market exaggeration. The report also gives alternatives for this issue which include scalability which is the most conspicuous alternative for these issues. The report goes into detail on the other alternative to solve the captured market problem by explaining how focusing on a specific target market can be a viable solution.

On the other hand, the report also covers the alternative for a large user base where it claims that the company should use this large user base and convert it to a long term and viable solution. The report also covers the discussion on how these alternatives are liable for the company's performance. It also covers the alternative for market exaggeration and how the company can brace itself n this type of market taking up strategies that ensure that the company is able to scale out of this market issue.

The report also covers the recommendations on how these alternatives can best be put into action. In this case, it focuses on the implementation of these solutions and the best path to be taken up by the company in order to ensure that these solutions are viable for the Company in regards to the pointed out issues and causes of these issues.

The report also covers a conclusion that outlines all the significant issues in the whole report and providing a backup to the suggested solution and strategies to take up in line with the pointed out issues and causes of these issues in Adobe Company. Issues The main issue as evident in the video is the flat growth that the Adobe software business has been experiencing in South East Asia. Flat growth, in this case, means that there is minimal change in the gross business revenue that can be pointed.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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