Essays on Web Marketing Concepts at Frank's All-American Barbeque Assignment

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The paper "Web Marketing Concepts at Frank's All-American Barbeque " is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   In the current competitive environment, restaurants should provide value to their customers to survive in the business environment. The customer value is compared against the customer values that are assigned for similar services that would give similar benefits. Customer will purchase the items with the highest customer value in the market. The restaurant may opt to reduce the portion size. This value is generated by simple fun. Reducing the portion size helps to cut down on the price and thereby allowing customers to pick or choose more than one dish.

The perceived value for the customers is that they have options, and they do not require that to have a lot of money. The restaurant may also consider offering a range of creative cuisines that are unique. As a result, creativity in their cuisine increases the customer value of their meals to consumers by providing high benefits that exceed the cost. A variety of cuisine is a good strategy of attracting many customers as it appeals to multiple tastes.

A variety of cuisine allows the customer to choose from various meals. Frank's All-American Barbeque may create green values through green practices and using locally sourced ingredients. This creates a sense of a relationship by creating a perception that it has a reputable green operation. The perception that the restaurant has a commitment to the environment adds value in the customers' mind.   Frank's All-American Barbeque may seek to create a relaxing environment is they want their customers to enjoy their food more. It induces an emotional response by emphasizing on the excitement that customers will experience.

The restaurant may opt to tone down the lights and music and create a relaxing atmosphere for diners. The restaurant may also opt to offer excellent customer services to its customers by providing a high benefit. Customers will prefer to return to Frank's All-American Barbeque because there are treated with exceptional services. Offering excellent customer services creates an environment where satisfaction and customer recommendation is plenty. Excellent customer services provide an enjoyable experience leading to an increased repeat visit. Question 2 Incorporating web marketing concepts at Frank's All- American Barbeque can lead to a broad-based awareness of the restaurant in the surrounding areas.

Use of social media platform such as the blog, Twitter, and Facebook to post articles and photos relating to the restaurant's menu may create awareness of its product differentiation (Chatura, Gordon and Harvir 65). These platforms are a convenient way to publicize update of the restaurant, as well as new menu or promotions. Additionally, a take-out option at Frank's All-American Barbeque will provide an alternative to working people or parents who often have little time for home cooking, particularly during the weekdays.

Research has shown that approximately 33% of consumers prefer takeout options. Takeout options will increase the restaurant business without the need to increase operating costs. Frank's All-America Barbeque should also consider finding a larger location in Fairfield. A large space can serve more customers at one particular time since it will have a more seating capacity. Moreover, people may seek to go to a restaurant with a larger location during an event or concert. A larger location can also offer several environments at the same time.

Prices are likely to reduce since a large restaurant will buy in bulk at a discounted price.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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