Essays on Operations Management in PRITCH London Case Study

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The paper "Operations Management in PRITCH London " is a good example of a management case study.   This report is about the analysis of PRITCH London and recommendations concerning how it can improve its operations. The analysis entails exploring the business environment both internal and external that is affecting the operations of the company. In the process of analysing the business environment affecting the operations of PRITCH London SWOT and PESTEL analysis are used. PRITCH London operates in the fashion industry and it has been in operation for the last five years.

It mainly designs and manufactures fashion products for the female globally selling ready to wear products. It is a leather specialist dealing with modern versatile lifestyle in different lines that are innovative in the market (Masson, et al, 2007). The company has been very innovative in its operations with the aim of improving its competitiveness. The materials used in designing its products makes PRITCH London unique in the market and able to offer products that are different from those of the rivals. Considering the fact that leather is natural makes the product of PRITCH London durable and strong hence playing a big role in meeting the needs of the customers. Description and analysis of PRITCH London PRITCH London has been competitive in the market by sourcing the leather used in manufacturing from suppliers who are very innovative.

It ensures five materials are combined to design a unique garment. The designing is made in the presence of experts to make sure that the products offered are of high quality (Brun and Castelli, 2008). The management of PRITCH London ensures the company is ethical through sourcing leathers in a way that is ethical and sustainable.

The majority of the suppliers of PRITCH London are recognized internationally to ensure that the products are able to meet the vision and taste of individual customers. The leather used in manufacturing the products of PRITCH London makes the company competitive by designing products that are unique. The leather is also sourced from different animals to make sure that the diverse needs of the customers are met by availing various products for the customers. Besides, the company has been very creative leading to new inventions in the process of improving the products.

The management ensures that the design needs of the garments are achieved by providing free alterations to the clients (Bhardwaj and Fairhurst, 2010). The free alterations have been playing an important role in the process of making sure that the needs and expectations of the customers are met hence making them loyal to the company. PESTLE analysis of PRITCH London Political factors The actions taken by the government have impacts on the operations of PRITCH London in the market.

For instance, the UK government has some roles it plays in controlling trade taking place in the country. PRITCH London outsources its materials that are affected by the political factors that can alter regulations concerning business policies like licensing. Besides, the changes taking place in the European Union has affected the operations of the company by affecting the sales (Bhardwaj and Fairhurst, 2010). This has affected the exports of the company to other states hence having impacts in its general operations. For instance, there are some challenges facing EU hence creating some uncertainties sparking some political turmoil across the UK.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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