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The paper “ Essentials of Business Communication" is a  breathtaking example of an essay on communication. Written communication is a method that has been used in an organization to meet the requirement of its users. Written communication is interactives that use written words to clients and stakeholders in the company. Written communication is widely used in an organization as a result of its dynamic nature. This form of communication involves the use of minutes, agreements, memos, instruction, policies and giving out reports on different activities that occur in the organization. Written communication in an organization acts as the source of general surveys, data, articles, books, references, search-engines, records that organizations usually use for planning of their operations (Bovée & Thill, 2000).

There are other resources that are used in written communication to obtain and pass information to the users. Published sources as part of written communication include newspapers, financial, trade and magazines, directories and technical manuals. Defined by different context business information it helps a business to know its environment better. Nestle company has been able to benefit from written communication; it has been able to expand the communication to online business networking using weblogs, message boards and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Nestle Company has recorded positive results as a result of communication with its clients. According to the full-year result information, Nestlé ’ s operations grew in all business and regions, the brand has increased its competitive advantage, the company has shown the discipline in the portfolio of its products and cash management. Additionally, the company has improved its margins and enhanced the underlying EPS in the constant currency (Bovée & Thill, 2000).

This can be proved through the graphs below From the above graph, Nestle Company records a higher revenue compared to firms operating within the same industry. The company has lead in revenue since 2009. One of the factors attributing to its success is its solid and profound communication mechanism. The company has also an upward trending payout ratio. Another factor contributing to its success is the company’ s visual communication. Visual communication is a form of communication that occurs directly, face-to-face between two or more individuals in an organization. Face-to-face communication entails discussions, presentations meetings, and speeches.

Verbal communication in Nestle Company has enabled improvement with communication mainly intended to do more with listening to the users as they mainly deal with the audience (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). Verbal communication in the organization has been used when there is need of one on one meeting. The communication allows a quick reply to an inquiry that is made and Nestle Company uses communication when there is a need to pass accurate information (Guffey & Loewy, 2010). Multimedia communication is used to present information on screens.

The communication can involve the other forms as it can be in written form or through a video clip that shows the main elements of the business. Nestle Company has used the form of communication as it is appropriate for the needs of the consumers as the information is shown in many and various ways. P3. Corporate communicationsCorporate communication in Nestle Company has been aimed at effective communication to shape responsible business behavior. Corporate communication in the organization is done by Creating Shared Value reports and annual reports.

The communication aspect enables the stakeholders to see how the company is able to address issues such as their investment and funds (Hartley & Bruckmann, 2002). Corporate Corporation of the company involves stakeholders convening. The convening is held in different countries where the company operates and it communicates the approach that it has and invites feedback. There are dedicated websites that contain communication on the key projects that the company has. This websites that were developed by the company brings together all the details of the initiatives that the company has in a form that is easy to read and understand (Hartley & Bruckmann, 2002).

The principles that have been put forward by the company to its consumer is are presented in sound, texts, and visuals that accurately present the product’ s taste, content, and size. The health benefits that are indicated in the communication on the product benefits the science of sound. The code that was developed in the company regarding the suppliers shows that the company is committed to designing a responsible practice through the supply chain. Corporate Website of Nestle Company has information on all the policies that are followed in the company, the activities, and principles. Content used in consumer communication tends to reflect social responsibility.

The content also reflects a good taste that considers the laws, voluntary codes and standards of that country. The unexpected advertisements have been recorded to depict attitudes that are discriminatory and offensive to social, political and ethnic groups.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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