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Business CommunicationIntroductionThis paper depicts appropriate and conventional approaches to business communication. Business communication plays an integral role in facilitating the overall functionality of business ventures. There are various methods of actualizing business communications key among these methods include sending letters, memos, Electronic mail (E-mail) and mobile text messages. This paper presents a sample of business letters, Electronic mail and mobile text messages written on the basis of several specifications. Text messageDarren Edwards, Georgia, USAProduct Manager, Diagonal ImportsMobile: (425) 670-108Local time: 12:18 pmDarren Edwards: Hello, allow me to share a concern that we currently facing in regards to the production of decorative lighting appliancesKuei-Chen Tsao: Sure.

Go right aheadDarren Edwards: It has come to my attention that the production of decorative lighting appliances came to a halt last month. Over time, I have tried to get in touch with the top managers via the telephone so that they can explain to the reason behind the sudden halt in production however they are somewhat evasive concerning this matter. Kuei-Chen Tsao: I understand your concern. Darren Edwards: It is very important that I get information concerning the current position in the production of product #3347XM since it is one of our most popular products.

Furthermore, we have a lot of orders of this product around most stores in the United States. Kuei-Chen Tsao: How soon do you need this information? The issues revolving around the production of product #3347XM are rather complicated. Darren Edwards: I would be very grateful if I got an instant response from you. Kuei-Chen Tsao: Okay. Basically, the reason behind the sudden halt in the production of this product has to do with the current global financial recesses ion and mismanagement.

The company is one of the worst hit companies by the ongoing financial crunch. Darren Edwards: How bad is the situation? Kuei-Chen Tsao: Over the course of time the company got into debt in order to sustain its productions. Efforts to source for more credit proved to be futile as the company was rendered credit unworthy. Darren Edwards: So what strategies were employed to counter these issues? Kuei-Chen Tsao: Well, the management of the company decided to down size its workforce and temporarily halt some of its productions.

Consequently, the production of product #3347XM was affected. Darren Edwards: I see. Kuei-Chen Tsao: However, all hope is not lost. Following my recent trip to China, it is apparent that the company has mended it fences and it will resume with its normal productions, including the production of product #3347XM. Darren Edwards: That is good news. So when can we expect the products? Kuei-Chen Tsao: The production of product #3347XM is bound to resume after two weeks. Thereafter, the shipment procedures and the actual shipment of the products will as well take two weeks. Darren Edwards: I can therefore roughly assume that within a month product #3347XM will be shipped into our country? Kuei-Chen Tsao: YesDarren Edwards: That is great news.

However, how stable is the production of product #3347XM. Can the company guarantee a continuous and consistence supply of this product into the United States?

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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