Essays on Knowledge Workers Add Value to a Workplace Assignment

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The paper "Knowledge Workers Add Value to a Workplace" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Knowledge workers are people who have the required knowledge and experience through which the working of the organization can be enhanced. They are able to provide their valuable inputs and promote a knowledge-sharing culture and learning process through which the employees and the organization grow. This is seen in the management consultancy field where I had worked. The ability of the workers who have the required knowledge and experience to contribute towards the performance ensured that better decisions were arrived at.

Knowledge workers were able to find solutions to the problems and at the same time motivate the workforce so that they could contribute positively towards the well being of both employees and the employer. This ensured better decision making and the development of the required fundamentals through which superior performance were delivered. The ability of the management to recognize the work of others and compensate and motivate them accordingly acted as the strongest point as it ensured that the overall development made it possible for the employees to contribute on a bigger platform.

This enabled the organization to work collectively and solved all the doubts which were possible due to the experience and skills of he knowledge worker which united the entire organization. 2. Try to make an impromptu speech on the topic of your choosing for no longer than 2 minutes. Try to follow the PREP formula Marketing has an important role in determining the manner in which the product will be accepted by the people. This makes it imperative that after understanding the market requirements a method is developed which aims at satisfying the customers through improved services.

This will help to provide the required direction based on which the marketers will be able to evolve the entire market. This requires that all information is collected and passed on to the management which will help to develop strategies so that better performances can be delivered. Identifying the different areas and developing the entire process based on it will ensure that the chances of acceptability of the product increases and the business are able to achieve its objectives.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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