Essays on Business Communication - Pandora Travel Agency Case Study

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The paper "Business Communication - Pandora Travel Agency" is a perfect example of a business case study. In the contemporary business environment, the levels of competition and innovation are high. To withstand such competition, the institution needs to be very alert and effective in its operations. It is critical that the company makes potential business plans and ensure its capability of conveying the strategies to the employees, stakeholders, and customers. It is from such a background that an effective communication system becomes an institutional backbone. An effective business communication system is paramount as it ensures proper management of internal and external issues.

Communication assists organizational members to meet both personal and organizational goals; coordination on organizational internal activities; and to some extent, less effective communication leads to less effective performance (Anthonissen,   2008, 98). An organization requires an orientation of its programs to prevent inconveniencies to the customers. Business communication leaves a positive impact on institutional performance. Effective communication improves efficiency and productivity level within the business. It also contributes to a high level of satisfaction among the employees and potential customers. Most conducted research reveals a positive relationship between effective and properly organized communication system and job satisfaction, performance, and positive attitude of the workers (Gopal,   2009, 121).

Pandora Travel Agency suffered minor disasters due to poor communication methods in place. Currently, the employees need to know what is happening around them, what their co-workers are doing, and their level of contribution to organizational success. However, the concerns of the customers lie within effective communication on the products and services that they acquire from the organization. Time factor and listening skills are important to guarantee a high level of satisfaction among the customers.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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