Essays on Business Communication Document Creation Assignment Assignment

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i. The message type is persuasive, and the approach adopted is direct. ii. Six weaknesses from the document include; the letterhead is not well centralised, No date, salutation is not complete; no name and postion well placed, No subject line for the letter, no good will close, the complimentary close is wrong, instead of your faithfully he used yours sincerely. iii. Six weaknesses in the organisation of the letter are: the author used a direct approach instead of routine/positive approach, the main ideas are clear but no convincing enough, the details and major points are not clearly stated to catch the eyes of the reader, the attention is not there, the theme is not well expanded to create interest to the reader.

Though action is specific, but not well presented. Six negative weaknesses in writing styles: many spelling errors, repetition of same words, wrong spelling of the receiver’s name, wrong us of bracket, instead of parenthesis. , no good paragraphs. no title for the document, no date, the letter is full of many spelling errors, many repetitions, no sharp and good concluding sentence, the gap from the ending of the salutation and the name of the sender is too much. Timeless Jewelry77 Sunset BlvdHocina, NSW02 76553625-9-2010Joan Smith14 Janlor Drive Melbourne 2001 Grand Opneing Sale—Don’t Miss itDear Joan, Its Melbourne’s newest and trendiest jewellery store’s first ever sale.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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