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Executive summary The rapid growth of social websites or networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace…. etc in the past years has been nothing sort of extraordinary. Social networking website were once regarded as nothing more than a passing ‘trend’ but these social networks website are recording new visitors month after months at astronomical proportions; Facebook in particular currently boast of 60 plus million unique new subscriber each month. The effect of these have made certain companies to begin to notice the potential of these social networking websites as a mode of reaching out to their customers through this new advertising medium, and these companies have already begun advertising efforts in these social medium.

In order for companies to advertise in these social medium, their spending in term of money on this form of advertising in social networks is relatively small compare to other efforts. This paper will establish why Honda Company has largely relied on Facebook to do business as an advertising medium; also the paper will attempt to review the advertising methods that are in place. Keyword: Honda Company, Facebook Table of ContentsIntroduction Company Profile Social Impact and Trend of FacebookMarketing and advertising of HondaCompetition Benefits of advertising on FacebookCost of advertising at Facebook ConclusionReference List IntroductionSocial network websites or community-based websites have to the forefront of the online world in advertisement, although there have been other forms of advertisement both offline and online, that tried to connect customers, none of these advertising medium have succeeded as much as advertising in Facebook, which boast over 60 plus new customers.

This paper will provide some relevant background information on the history of Honda Company.

The reasons for selecting Facebook social network as a means of advertisement by Honda in particular will be described in the paper. Beside Facebook providing a platform for different people to interact and communicate with each other, it has displayed a potential for Honda Company to easily reach it targeted customers through advertising. In this social medium, Honda Company has already created multiple method of advertising in Facebook social network, for example the creation of product groups that consumer or people can join on Facebook.

This paper will try to find out the criteria used in advertising in social networks, and in doing so (Charlton, 2009), existing methods that have been used by Honda company and other relevant metrics used to measure the effectiveness of social websites in reaching out to their customers will be reviewed. Since Facebook social website have emerged to the forefront only recently, there is no academic literatures that has discussed community-based social website in depth, this paper will relied on company’s websites, business journals, articles and other relevant websites-websites that are exclusively on community-based social network news such as Mashable- will be used to provide the balance information on this topic.

Company Profile Honda has its operation in Japan and was established in 1959, the establishment of American Honda Motor Co. , was the first international subsidiary. Honda company has devoted in it operations the advancement of human mobility ( Honda, 2011), and during the preceding years, the company has yielded diverse products such as: fuel cell electric vehicle, fuel cell electric vehicle technology, humanoid robotics, and walking assist devices, and thin film solar cells, In addition to designing and developing of motorcycles, power equipments and automobiles.

Based on the company beliefs in technology to address the needs of different people, it is the mission of the company to develop new innovative products that predict and satisfy evolving needs of customers with different background, while meeting the society’s demand for safer, more efficient, cleaner and sustainable means of transportation ( Honda, 2011).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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