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The paper "Business Communication Issues" is an outstanding example of a business essay. Communication in meetings is where there is communication when two or more people gather together to share information and ideas. This type of communication can be formal or informal depending on the circumstance of the meeting (Jennifer et al 2012). The planned meeting becomes formal while the unplanned meeting becomes informal. There is a structure that should be followed and it is laid down in the organizational constitution book showing the meeting structure and a standing order showing the procedure of the meeting.

Some terms used in the meeting communication include abstention which is the act of not voting in any way. Acclamation is the vote made by clapping. Ayes and Nos are words used to support or to oppose the motion where ayes means yes while Nos means no. casting vote is which is a vote used to break the standstill of the meeting and is usually held by the chair of the meeting. In any meeting, there has to be a chairman and a secretary.

The role of the chairperson includes giving information to members, interpreting the procedure for the meeting, acts as the problem solver and helps the members in the meeting to follow the meeting procedures (Vanessa & Anthony 2006). He or she ensures effective communication by keeping law and order in the meeting, ensure that the meeting does not deviate from the main agendas and helps meeting members to forget their differences and find solutions to issues by emphasizing the importance of the meeting. On the other hand, the secretary does note-taking of the meeting, marking the attendance of the meeting, keep all the records of the meeting and previously and records the results of the voting at the meeting. Many meetings fail because the members are not motivated to generate viable ideas, the goals of the meetings may not be clear, thus no specific objective to achieve, lack of trust among members leading to lack of disclosure of information (Vanessa & Anthony 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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