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Business Concept1.0 The Business Concept: The Problem and solutionElectricity has been cited as one of the key accelerator of economic growth in most countries (Sarah & Mary, 2005). Most of the countries that have been enjoying high GDP have had enough and reliable supply of electricity. On the other hand, countries that do not have adequate supply of electric energy experiences low economic growth. According to Kaiser (2001), the main hindrance to supply of electricity in most poor countries is development of power infrastructures. Power structures require highly level of expertise and large amount of resources to make the entire supply system successful.

Putting up of these infrastructures in an organized manner definitely makes the electricity supply and maintenance very expensive. This has been cited as one reason why poor countries are unable to have power supplied to their homes. Further research shows that most electric power consumers are small scale users. About 80 % of the consumers of electric power all over the world use it for lighting and internal house chores while the rest percentage uses power for industrial application (Cyrus, 2003).

Small scale power users use power for lighting and powering low power consuming devices like lights, computers, T.Vs among others. Most of these consumers are interested in low amount of power that is able to meet their domestic needs (Gerand, 1971). However, in many countries, majority of power producing and selling companies use expensive infrastructure that requires high level of organization and management. The companies that specialize in selling this power have one or multiple source of power then through power lines, they supply to their customers.

The main problem experienced in power supply is maintenance of these infrastructures. However this problem can be solved through use of renewable and independent power systems such as solar energy. Implementation of domestic solar power systems requires lower level of skills in maintenance when compared to advanced commercial power systems such as hydroelectric power (Martin & Heywood, 2009). According to Theraja (1998), a solar power system only requires a solar panel and a battery in order to harvest power. The solar panel converts light energy to electric energy. Advanced solar panels are able to harvest light energy even when there is low amount of light.

Consequently, the panels can be reliable even during rainy seasons or when the sun does not appear during the day. A battery is an electrical device that stores electric energy and only recharges when the battery is in use (Wallington & Edward, 2009). Advanced batteries such as rechargeable alkaline batteries have very high efficiency of recharging and can carry charge for many years without losing charge or getting damaged. Therefore, by ensuring that a good solar system and a good battery are properly installed in the premises of the customer, we can guarantee this customer safe and cheap electric power. 2.0 Business Opportunity Assessment2.1.

Market, Customer and IndustryIn the current modern world, power is one of the key components that determine the livelihood of the citizens. However, less than 60 % of the world population has access to electricity, mainly due to the lack of cheap system to acquire electric power. Most homesteads all over the world rely on use of kerosene or wood as their supply of light at night.

These sources of light are accompanied by the production of smoke which is hazardous to the health of the people. These people are unable to have access to electricity because they either cannot afford the commercial power offered by huge power companies through the power grids or the power companies have been unable to develop their power lines to reach people in these areas. This is accelerated by the fact that there has been negligence in looking for alternative source of power such as solar or wind energy which would greatly reduce the overall cost.

Solar energy is one way that can guarantee people efficient, reliable and clean source of light during the nights.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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