Essays on Business Concept Overview of Small Clothing Boutique in India Case Study

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The paper '" is an outstanding example of a business case study. Smart All Clothing Company Limited (SACCL) is the venture business name which implies that any cloth stocked in the business is meant to make our clients look smart and does not specialize on any gender, size, age or need. The choice of the business name is motivated by the virtue of its industrial investment and the speciality of its services as compared to the already existing competitors in this industry. The uniqueness of this venture is founded on the fact that SACCL will serve the already existing traditional customers and modern generation as compared to other service providers who majors on a specific age or gender and new cloth customers. Business Solution In the traditional and modern Indian society the families, employees and businesspersons are typically unaware of the best shop they can source for different types of clothing of all type, sizes, and gender since the majority of the existing have specialized their market operations (Smith & Pickles, 2015).

As such, this venture will be focused on bridging this gap by coming up with a boutique in which all the customers irrespective of their background will be served.

Ghezzi et al. (2014) contend that upon the establishment of the boutique, all the other strategies and setting of portable goals by the business will be achieved. Through diversifying the clothes sold in the boutique, the demand for the firm products will increase by more than 90%, and the responsiveness will be prompt and all-time availability in offering any information required by the client will improve since they will be conversant with the business location under one roof. Business Service or Product As explained earlier, this venture is focused on facilitating the existence of all types of clothing without any discrimination in age, size or needs among the traditional and modern Indian population.

The services and outputs will include cloth materials, official clothes, casual for both gender and different sizes. Additionally, it will also include other content that shall be offered to the customers to facilitate a shift from traditional clothes to modern fashion clothes. In addition, other dressing services will be based on improving the existing dressing strategies among the clients of different ages such as sewing, ironing, and customization.

As such, the targeted customers will be the elderly and young that are willing to modernize or maintain their clothes types through ensuring that they have a wide selection since they shall be located under one roof. The features of this business are the ability to provide consistent clothes of all types to the clients with their customers through the development of a common store that can easily be accessed by the enterprise clients. At the end of the day, all the traditional and modern clothes to the customers will be availed and easily accessible, and as such the supply and marketing will be more concerned on how to create and institute value-added activities in their products, they provide such as ironing, sewing among others.

The business availability to all types of customers will be a guarantee for consistent visiting by the customers. This is based on the fact that a comprehensive integration of all kinds of clothes in one roof ensures that there is a multifaceted approach with multiple phases in the business (Bhatnagar, 2015).

However, the existence of highly equipped and trained personnel will ensure that all the customers are diligently served, and the services provided reciprocated to the quality of clothes sold.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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