Essays on Managing at British Red Cross Case Study

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The paper "Managing at British Red Cross" is a perfect example of a case study on management. The mission statement of the British Red Cross (BRCS) has is to be the leading voluntary provider of different emergency services, rescue and restoration services for the people in need around the world. BRCS has its clear vision that is to be the “ certain sign of hope in crisis” . BRCS adopted its mission and vision in 1998 and it was highly promoted among the masses and stakeholders to build a strong brand and corporate image. BRCS has approved and reviewed its relations with the government sector very precisely after the adaptation of its mission and vision.

It is shown in research that 83% of contacts in BRCS in 1999 were with the local governments. Besides this BRCS’ s international division also had strong governmental contacts from its own platform too. BRCS also developed a strong societal partnership with the national government and Scottish parliament along with assemblies of Ireland, Wales, and other regional areas. BRCS struggled a lot to develop a stronger relationship with the general public also. British Red Cross (BRCS) enjoys a strong and valuable reputation among its stakeholders.

Both internal and external stakeholders have a firm belief that BRCS has implemented its mission very successfully wherever it started rendering its services. The main stakeholders consist of two categories e. g., Internal and External. Stakeholders, according to importance are of four types. One, those with high understanding and intellectual awareness about the organization and its corporate role. Two, those with a low level of intellectual understanding about the organization. Three, stakeholders with high emotional commitment and Four, stakeholders with a low level of commitment for corporate objectives and mission.

BRCS has all levels of stakeholders. BRCS at present has 21 regions with 4 territory offices support the areas. BRCS’ s board consists of fifteen trustees with five females in it. Presently young and ethnic groups are not given representation at the board. Despite all BRCS has a constant struggle for change management in a better way.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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