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Business Continuity ManagementBritish AirwaysIntroductionBritish Airways is the leading airline carrier in United Kingdom. BA is headquartered in Waterside on the neighborhood of its major hub at London Hearthrow Airport. When compared to other airline services in UK, BA is the largest of all in terms of fleet size, international flights as well as international destinations. It has another hub in London Gatwick Airport. The British Airways Group was established in 1974 via nationalization courtesy of the Labor Government of that time. British Airways was created from two huge London based airlines- BOAC and BEA incorporated with other minor regional ones, Cambrian Airways Cardiff and Northeast Airlines.

The four companies were joined to create the British Airways in 1974 and the firm was later privatized in 1987. The Airline further expanded after the acquisition of British Caledonian and Gatwick-based airline Dan-Air in 1992. Regardless of the airline being essentially a Boeing client, it placed major order for airbus aircraft in November 1988 with the acquisition of 89 A320 Family aircraft. In 2007, the airline placed another major order which marked the beginning of its long-haul fleet substitution, Airbus A380s and Boeing 787s.

British Airways is the biggest operator of the Boeing 747-400 in the globe. Private Limited Company (Shareholders)British Airways is one of the firms listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a component of the FTSE 100 index. The company agreed to merge with Iberia Airlines in order to create the third biggest airline in the globe as far as revenue is concerned (Campbell-Smith, 2001). Critical activities and an assessment of maximum tolerable period of disruptionBritish Airways is a complete service global airline that provides all year round flight services with extensive global routes.

British Airways serves almost 150 destinations, six of them being domestic and is one of the only eight airlines that operate in all the six continents. It offers flight services to various destinations all over the world. Its main fleet of aircrafts is built in UK safe for the Boeing 707 and Boeing 747 both from BOAC. It launched the Boeing 737 and Boeing 757 in the 1980s while the Boeing 747-400, Boeing 767 and Boeing 777 were launched in the 1990s.

Most of its aircrafts are made of the Rolls-Royce engines constructed in Britain safe for 29 of its entire 777fleet (Campbell-Smith, 2001). The company has a united kingdom civil aviation Type a operating license and is allowed to ferry passengers cargo and mail on airplanes compose of 20 or more seats. As an incumbent airline, British Airways has been allocated about 40% of all the landing and takeoff points at Hearthrow most of which are used for the profitable trans-Atlantic market. The company is a subsidiary with both Avro RJ and Embraer airlines located in London Airport.

In 2008, city Flier entered into a contract with Embraer to refurbish the existing fleet with a new order for 11 E-jet airplanes which are substituting the present Avro RJ Aircraft (Campbell-Smith, 2001). Time recovery objectivesBritish Airways has clearly defined recovery objectives for any disruptions that its operations may encounter. In order to ensure that the airline remains the ultimate choice for its customers irrespective of the situations or circumstances, the company has launched a variety of services from which customers can choose from wherever they require the services of the company.

The firm consistently introduces fantastic products like new company class seat on long haul and refurbished First cabin. It also delivers outstanding service for customers at every landing. This it does by training the staff both on the ground as well as in the air in world-class generosity and customer service. Customers are able to get check-in from the Internet using the domain ba. com.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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