Essays on Operating Enviroment and Stakeholder Analysis of British Airways Business Plan

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The paper “ Operating Enviroment and Stakeholder Analysis of British Airways” is an impressive example of a business plan on management. British Airways is the United Kingdom’ s largest international scheduled airline with over 140 destinations worldwide. British Airways' principal place of business is at Heathrow which is one of the world’ s renowned airport locations. The company is also providing air cargo services which are mostly in conjunction with their day-to-day passenger services. Together with codeshare and franchise partners, British Airways operates an extensive international scheduled airline route networks to more than 300 destinations around the globe.

In the years 2008 and 2009, British Airways served around 33 million passengers and have earned approximately £ 9 billion in revenue which is higher than their earnings the previous year by 2.7%. Their cargo services have carried 777,000 tonnes of cargo to almost every destination in the world. Last year, the company had already 245 aircraft in service that includes 12 Airbus A380 and 24 Boeing 787 aircraft (British Airways 2010, p. 1). Since British Airways is a large company doing global business, its stakeholders are generally customers, agents, suppliers, contractors, franchisees, joint venture partners, subsidiaries, labor unions, and government or regulatory authority officials (British Airways 2002, p. 1-3).

According to British Airways management, their customers are at the heart of everything they do this they are making sure they are offering excellent services to everyone who wishes to fly with the airline. The company also made it a point to get feedback from their customers to have a real understanding of their needs. For the company staff and other employees, the company is providing training programs to improve and provide more attentive and personal service to their customers. In 2009, the company had provided 215,000 days of training for cabin crew and ground staff.

For building and other facilities, the company opened Terminal 5 to serve their customers better. Terminal 5 has a luxurious lounge complex that offers greatly improved facilities such as wine bars, spa treatments, delicious food, and upgraded communication facilities.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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