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IntroductionCalamities such as flood, hurricane, volcanic eruption, terrorism, and other major accidents can disrupt business activities such as services being delivered to the public. A process and a discipline (Watters, 2010, p. 9) Business Continuity Management exists to avoid disruptions that could lead to these difficulties and other losses. A BCP or Business Continuity Plan is being created by many organizations such as the fire and rescue services and other public organizations to minimize the impact of a disaster or crisis in their functioning and services. The Abu Dhabi Civil Defence is a public organization dealing with fire prevention, protection, health and safety of the public and like any other organization; it is vulnerable to business discontinuity and subsequent failure of normal services delivery.

For the purpose of creating a BCP plan, the following sections reviews the functions of Abu Dhabi Civil Defence as a public organization, its role in minimizing the impact of extreme emergencies, the political, social, and economic factors associate with their work, influence of risk management in its operational activities, and the benefits of different quality management techniques in quality of their services.

Review of Abu Dhabi Civil DefenceThe Role of Abu Dhabi Civil Defence“Together. ..we preserve the country’s achievements” (Supreme National Security Council-2nd Issue, 2012, p. 2). For NCEMA or, their role is to ensure the preservation of UAE citizen’s lives, property, assets by minimizing the effects of emergencies and crises. The mission statement and vision are evidence of their commitment and never ending quest to achieve security and stability in all circumstances (Supreme National Security Council-2nd Issue, 2012, p. 2-4). According to “wa Azamat Taware’e”, a quarterly specialized magazine first published by NCEMA last May 2012, emergency and crisis management is a national effort where the UAE community (including Abu Dhabi) and all its components are consciously taking part in the process but it is their responsibility to improve UAE’s stability through development of risk reduction programs, activities, and strategies (National Supreme Security Council-1st Issue, 2012, p. 7).

Abu Dhabi is part of UAE thus its Civil Defence is more likely working together with NCEMA. In fact, Abu Dhabi’s “Safety in the Home”, “Safety in factories”, and other programs are joint efforts between UAE’s General Directorate of Civil Defence and Abu Dhabi government.

For this reason, the role of Abu Dhabi’s Civil Defence is identical or in compliance with the general aim of UAE’s General Directorate of Civil Defence and NCEMA which according to their published strategy is improving performance and services and being aware of the challenges and obstacles in the near future (Abu Dhabi Government Portal, 2012, The Strategy). Political, Economic, and Social Factors associated with Abu Dhabi Civil Defence managementThe Abu Dhabi Civil Defence main activities are in line with prevention and safety, civil protection, and operational aspects of a public organization.

The social factors associated with Abu Dhabi Civil Defence is preservation of human lives and property. According to Abu Dhabi’s civil protection strategy, their activities particularly those that are related to the protection of national wealth, prevention, and public safety are politically prescribed by the decrees, laws, and ministerial decisions coming from UAE’s Civil Defence General Directorate. However, the economic factors associated with Abu Dhabi Civil Defence is in line with its operational requirements. For instance, the rapid development of Abu Dhabi resulted to bigger responsibilities that must be match with funds for more equipments and services in order to preserve and secure future development (Abu Dhabi Government Portal, 2012, Operations).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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