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The paper "Business Continuity Planning for Boots Limited" is a good example of a business case study. Every business has the objective of developing a going concern. Business continuity planning is, therefore, a significant process for all organizations. This is because it involves the identification of the threats that may affect an organization and the implications of these particular threats on the normal operations of the business. If the threats towards the business are effectively-identified, a framework can then be provided for dealing with incoming threats. Consequently, the organization may survive for a longer period.

The objective of the process of business continuity planning is structuring organizational reliance which is the ability to effectively respond to and safeguard the basic interests of the organization's activities, stakeholders, operations and its reputation. This particular paper presents a business continuity plan for Boots Limited. 2.0 Boots UK Limited Boots UK Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical and beauty product companies. The company has a prolific mission of assisting customers to feel and look better than they ever thought possible. Selecting the boots company as the company of focus was influenced by the fact that the company has demonstrated outstanding performance over the years.

In addition, the company has impacted the lives of many due to the services and products it provides. 3.0 Background of the company Boots Limited was originally founded by John Boot in 1849. However after the death of the founder; John Boot, the company has over the years changed ownership to various companies. These include the North American, United Drug Company which acquired the company in 1920. Nevertheless, by 1933 the company was sold back to the British management.

In 2007 the company was renamed; Boots UK Limited from Boots The Chemists Ltd, after a strategic alliance between Alliance UniChem plc and Boots Company plc. (Viceira & Mitusui, 2003) Economically, the financial performance of Boots Limited has always been exceptional. As indicated by Figure 1 Below, the company has recorded an increase in trading profits in the last five years. A case in point of exceptional financial performance was in the 2011/2012 financial year. The company recorded double-digit growth in terms of trading and profits.

In addition, the company generated a solid operating cash flow that was aimed at lowering net borrowings and also funding investment for growth. Figure 1. According to GCI Magazine (2012), the financial results attained by the company can significantly be attributed to expansion in terms of new products and also the expansion of the number of stores within the local market and also in key markets like the United States, Republic of Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Norway. Financial performance by businesses outside the U. K was notable, this is because revenue within the divisions increased annually by 0.6% to an estimate of £ 7,671 million.

The trading profits, on the other hand, rose by 6.0% to an estimated £ 813 million (Magazine, 2012). In the political context, the company is governed by the Board of Directors which comprises of four executive directors and four non-executive directors. The Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of making corporate decisions for the organization. The organization is also governed by various principle board committees which include:

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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