Essays on Organisational Processes in Watson Pharmaceuticals Case Study

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The paper "Organisational Processes in Watson Pharmaceuticals " is a great example of a business case study.   This is a decision-making assignment regarding organizational processes in Watson pharmaceuticals situated in a coastal country south pacific. The country is suffering from tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes, HIV/Aids, etc. The company founder Chris Morales insists on morale that finally ends with economic consequences. Nik found that everything was in a mess due to a disaster in that country. The problem that can be considered by a pharmaceutical company is the medicines that can treat viral infections and diseases that are caused due to bacteria.

These diseases will be caused in an atmosphere of a mess that was created due to a natural disaster. To develop those drugs the company requires some organizational processes to be completed. In completing the organizational processes the company has to take into consideration that 50 percent of the population is less than 15 years of age. As there are a number of languages and religions, English can be used as the language that can be printed on the products of the company. Organizational processes Watson pharmaceutical company has to work in a multi-project and multi-product environment.

The company has to decide on the projects that have a potential strong value proposition. The company has to establish different business units and should allot investments for each unit. This requires efficient and clear portfolio management. That should meet the challenges in operations of a multi-project/product environment. After the portfolio management, Nik can develop a strategic management report that provides expert analysis on budget and resource allocation. This should affect decision making and can enable Nik to convert the product portfolios into highly profitable revenue streams.

This result requires increased spending for R& D. The productivity levels should not fall. Portfolio Management: The company has to decide the multi-products it has to produce and the projects required for it. As the Kava region contains 50 percent of the population as children, the company should concentrate on the products that address the children‘ s diseases. The majority part of the portfolio allocation must be regarding the products that cure diseases in children. As the major population is children, the need for developing vaccines for tropical diseases in children can be a wiser decision.

The amount that can be allocated for the products that treat children can be 40 percent. The reason is that slowly in every area, as time goes on, the average age increases up to some extent. At that juncture, the company has to divest its investments towards other products if it is concentrating more on the present need. So instead of 50 percent allocation (though the children population is 50 percent), it is better to allocate 40 percent of the portfolio on products treating children and for vaccines they need. After that, the company can allocate a major amount to develop products that treat viral fevers.

As the Kava region is a coastal area and more people eat frequently the seafood, they are vulnerable to viral fevers. Not only due to this reason, but frequent natural disasters also spoil the cleanliness in the atmosphere and this may lead to problems like diarrhea and cholera. The company has to give 2nd preference to allocate portfolios to produce the products that viral fevers, diarrhea, and cholera.

Without health, there will be no paradise. The first step in making a paradise is a healthy atmosphere. The next major allocation is to produce retroviral drugs to treat HIV patients.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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