Essays on Business Cultures In Japan And Korea Case Study

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The paper "Business Cultures In Japan And Korea" is a perfect example of a business case study. K.J. Bread Company currently manufactures a range of classic bread and products are distributed across Perth. The company is now launching a new type of bread called ‘ Fruity Delight’ , which combines the flavors of fresh fruits with healthy bread. The bread is made using a combination of wheat, gluten-free flour, and selected fruit juices (apple, banana, berries, etc. ). Fruity Delight is designed to target children of 5-14 years old and comes in all sorts of fun animal shapes.

Fruity Delight is baked daily in the factory and is packed in eco-friendly packaging ready to be distributed fresh to its customers. Fruity Delight is unique in its kind as no bread company in Perth has specially designed bread products for children that incorporate healthy and ‘ fun’ factors. 1.2. History K. J. Bread Company is a family-owned bread factory situated in Perth Australia. It began operating in June 2005 in Woden. The factory is run by a small amount of staff. The owner Mr. John was a former baker at Baker’ s Delight and other family members have also worked in the bread industry. 1.3.

Market The two main markets are children of 5-14 years old and their parents. 2. 0 Situation analyses 2.1 SWOT analyses Internal environment: Strengths: Our company’ s senior management team has worked in various sectors of the bakery industry. Furthermore, the owner Mr. John formerly worked as a baker at Baker’ s Delight. This means we have great experience in this industry. We use the most sophisticated and up-to-date machinery. Fruity Delight is nutritious, made from natural ingredients, has a tasty fruity flavor, and comes in many fun shapes.

This means that not only is the product good for children, but it will also make eating bread a much more enjoyable experience. Our product matches the healthy living trend that many Australians now follow, which means we can quickly gain parents’ interests and attract them as customers. Weaknesses: The power for us to set the market price is weak since K. J. Bread Company is still a relatively new business and our products cost more than large companies. The price of foodstuffs keeps increasing. This, in turn, increases our spending on raw materials, and we may need to pass the cost on to customers. External environment: Opportunities: A gap in the kids’ food market--- there are currently no specific bread products made for children in the ACT.

Therefore, Fruity Delight can enter the market easily without close competition. Since 2006, the number of students enrolled in preschool and primary school in the ACT has increased steadily every year (ABS, 2010). This means that our target potential market will be growing. Threats: Shift from old product to the new product: customers may turn away from our company’ s products due to changing food trends and buying patterns. As a young company, we face strong competition from existing leading brands.

At the same time, we have not established a strong reputation for our products, so consumers may be reluctant to try our bread. Other companies may quickly copy our idea, which could lead to a loss of potential market share.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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