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Class Unit Business customer service 1 McDonald's customers McDonald's is a fast food retail chain with a presence globally. The company operates in its outlets through franchises or its ownership offering a wide variety of menu. McDonalds targets different groups of customers based on their tastes and preferences. McDonalds does not depend on a single group of customers. The largest group visiting McDonalds is made up of young people aged between 18 to 25 years. It can be estimated that this age group accounts for 45% of the McDonalds customers. Most of the customers in this age group are students who in most cases work part-time.

McDonald works hard to ensure that they maintain the needs of this age group which have been giving them a competitive edge. This group consists of low to middle income earners who want to have a busy lifestyle (Lutz, 2015). The second groups of costumers are those aged between 26 to 30 years. This group is the second largest and can be estimated to be at 33% of the company customers. This age group is made up of fresh graduates who are in their first job and a small percentage of the business people.

The group is characterized of couples, those courting and young families with and without kids. This group is composed of individuals who have a busy life schedule. Their main need is to access their services in a fast and efficient manner. The group can only be retained through fast and efficient services (McDonalds, 2014). The next group of customers is aged between 36 to 40 years. The group is estimated to account for 16% of the customers that visits McDonalds.

This is a group that is more informed on healthy eating and is most likely to avoid any unhealthy menu. This group is thus more concerned in dishes that can keep them fit and healthy. This is why the group is less as compared to others at McDonalds. The last group is those aged over 40 years. The frequency of this group at McDonalds is estimated to be at 6%. This is due to fact the that this group is more health conscious. The group mostly visit McDonalds for tea or coffee.

This group is more concerned on any menu they think is unhealthy. There are also children who visit with their parents as well as children below the age of 18 years. McDonalds have been discouraged from making advertisements which targets young children. The company have been targeting kids through coming up with their menu and giving them toys. This is a strategy that have been criticised by many health organisations (Lutz, 2015). McDonald’ s menu favours all genders. The number of male and female customers is almost equal at the restaurants.

Most of the customers who visit McDonalds have secondary education. This is the largest group as it consists of 49% of the customers. This group have low income and McDonald is able to offer affordable food for them. There is also a large group of consumers who visits McDonalds with university education. The group is estimated to be most a third of the customers. This is the category with a busy schedule. The group is made up of students at universities, professionals and, business people. Those with primary level of education are mostly teenagers and foreigners.

They are regular customers and can make up to 25% of the customers (McDonalds, 2014).


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