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The paper "Business Dealing with Selling Cars Online" is a brilliant example of a term paper on e-commerce. Advancement in technology has reshaped and revamped the way business is being done. There is a shift towards using the internet as a platform for firms to carry out business. The advantages associated with this technology have left almost all business firms whether big or small in size to consider adopting it with the notion that it will help them stay competitive and relevant in the current world of business. However, there is little knowledge these firms have with regard to both the advantages and disadvantages of adopting e-commerce.

E-commerce is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide and is one of the most rapidly evolving areas of national and international trade (Eisingerich & Kretschmer, 2008). Using the internet to carry out business has been deemed to be the most current innovation in the world of business and offers an opportunity for businesses to carry out business through electronics. Firms have rushed to adopt e-commerce which entails making transactions online with the belief that it will help them gain competitive advantages and increase their market shares as well as revenue.

Indeed there are numerous advantages associated with this concept such as capturing new markets by allowing firms to go global, 24/7 operation this has been shown to bring with it the advantage of reliability and convenience which allows potential customers who do not have time to buy products and services regardless of time. It is evident that e-commerce help firm cut the costs of doing business, for instance, there will be less paperwork which requires human resource, a flexible or telework arrangement can be put in place making working execute their tasks, duties, and responsibilities not necessarily in the office among other advantages (Eisingerich & Kretschmer, 2008).

However there is a need to first analyze if it is viable for a firm to adopt this technology ad for those firms that have already adopted the internet in doing business, there is a need for them to constantly evaluate its relevance and areas that need improvement. In this paper, I will try to analyze a questionnaire distributed by a business dealing with selling cars online.

The task includes identifying the level of measurement of each question, performing a descriptive analysis of each question and finding if there is a relationship between gender and respondent buying a new car from the company’ s website. Level of measurement It is worth noting that in any research, the data collected through survey falls in one of the four-level of measurement, nominal, order, interval or ratio scale. Variables falling under this category are those that have value but with no mathematical interpretation and posses difference in quality but not in quantity.

The major characteristic of this level of measurement is to name or label attributes. Data can only be put into groups and counted by frequency (Burns & Bush, 2010).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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