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The paper "Business Decision Making" is a wonderful example of an assignment on business. The following table contains sample data that was collected by the research firm contracted to do the research activity. A short questionnaire was sent to recent customers to obtain some basic information about the following: Age, Gender. Location (The company divided the country into the North, n, The South, s, The East, e, and the West, w), the most recent spend in £ and the customers Gross Income in £ . The presented data was captured by an external market research firm using follow-up phone calls to customers of one of the largest UK suppliers of the product merchandise.

The respondent rate was somehow low; one out of 10 calls were successful; hence, the sample is very low mean age Total Age 505 total individuals 20 Mean 505/20 25.25yrs mean spend total spend 2814.35 number of spend 20 Mean 2814.35/20 140.7175 Age Standard Deviation 8.25151501 Spend Standard Deviation 48.7280492 This above table has summarized the mean and standard deviation of age and Spending trends. The mean age was 25.25, this implies that the average age of employees is approximately 25 years.

According to the results, it implies that the average spending rate stood at £ 140.7175. Age Standard Deviation 8.251515012 Spend Standard Deviation 48.7280492 Income Median 18731 Interquartile Range 15762 Correlational coefficient between age and spend -0.77983 This shows a perfect correlation, in that as age increases, spending rate also increases. The table summarizes the median income and interquartile range income Median 18731 Interquartile Range 15762 The following table contains PowerPoint slides that have been used in illustrating these outcomes: Slide 1 This is the introductory part of the presentation.

Slide 2 This illustrates how data was collected and manipulated to reach the results Slide 3 Age and spending trends mean are calculated; other variables are also calculated Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Task 2 Introduction Appalachian PLC, a renowned manufacturer of high-end furniture that is sold directly to retailers, infirm markets across Europe and the UK has witnessed a drop in its overall sales to the established markets and has opted to inquire opportunities in a new target geographical markets; this is particularly in China and the far East.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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