Essays on Business Decision Making - Internet Cafe Case Study

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The paper “ Business Decision Making – Internet Cafe” is an earnest example of the business case study. Every individual continuously makes decisions at every stage of his life, either consciously or sub-consciously. These decisions determine the kind of life he leads or the steps he makes to achieve the goals he sets in his lifetime, and greatly determine what he achieves. Apparently, the decisions are key determinants of the developments he makes towards achieving the set goals. They determine whether he moves forward toward, or backward away from achieving his set objectives.

For any business as well, decision-making happens to be a habitual process that determines the business’ success. Right from the business idea conception, decisions have to be made to determine the kind of business one takes up all the way to how the business’ goals will be achieved. The decisions made greatly determine the success of the business. In this paper, I seek to explore decision-making as a vital aspect of an enterprise. I will then specifically delve into decision-making concerning an internet café business. To start with, I will give an account of the various business decision types before looking into the actual process of decision making in connection to the business case at hand- an internet café .

The various types of decisions include programmed decisions, non-programmed decisions, strategic decisions, tactical decisions, and operational decisions. Programmed decisions are standard decisions that follow a similar routine every time. Coming up with such decisions can be done by many as their nature allows them to be written down as fixed steps in a series. They may include the day-to-day happenings in the business like opening and closing hours for the café or the routine activities that occur during the café ’ s operation.

According to their nature, it is possible to write them just as computer programs. Non-programmed decisions are non-routine. For these decisions, each is not like any previously made. In an internet café , such decisions are made, for instance, in coming up with solutions to occurrences that are not usually preplanned, like network or machine breakdowns. Strategic decisions on the other hand affect a business’ long-term direction.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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