Essays on Westfield Group Business Environment Case Study

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The paper "Westfield Group Business Environment " is a perfect example of a business case study. The purpose of this report is to examine opportunities and risks that would concern the Westfield Group as it seeks to establish a global operation in different countries. The current global business environment requires multinational corporations to operate in highly resourceful areas with a wide range of raw materials and market structures for their services. It is important for such corporations to develop and expand their operations in order to capture ready markets wherever necessary.

For efficient and effective operation, a corporation needs to multiply its business environments to establish a strong growth trend that will guarantee the achievement of its goals and objectives. Westfield Group is one of the outstanding and highly reputable multinational corporations that can take advantage of its current status to expand its wings to highly resourceful countries like China. In this report, the idea of expanding the services of the Westfield Group to China, and the rationale behind this choice is presented regarding the business environment that such services require. The report also explores the opportunities and risks that the Westfield Group will encounter concerning its new adventures in China.

The overall assessment of the Group’ s opportunities and risks to be involved in this shift has given the report an implementation program that is provided in the recommendation section. The reports outline the general physical, political, economic and social environments of the target country. This outline is important because all these aspects are primary to the general progress and development of any multinational corporation that seeks to expand its operations.

Moreover, the reports give an overview of the current market trends that are associated with the target country’ s operating portfolios. The Westfield Group, having a net income of over 461 million US dollars can manage to operate effectively in countries such as China, where its services are scarce or unavailable. The last part of the paper provides recommendations of the strategies the company will use to implement the various aspects given in this report.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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