Essays on Business Environment of Perdido Beach Resort Case Study

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The paper "Business Environment of Perdido Beach Resort" is a perfect example of a business case study. The hospitality  industry has proved to be a very competitive sector of the economy where only those business enterprises that have fully mastered the game survive. Mastering the game has been contextually used here to mean understanding the dynamics in the industry, business threats and opportunities thereby operating on a more informed basis. This calls for a careful evaluation of the organisation’ s environmental factors; both external and internal and their role in shaping up the business (Tesone, 2010: 102).

It is worth noting that the opportunities and threats that a business faces emanate from its environment and failure to recognise how and to what extent these factors impact the overall outcome of the business may obviously put the firm in a position of failure. Issues such as legislation, culture, climate among others are prevalent conditions that affect the hospitality industry over time and considerable examination into such factors is a prerequisite action by the management team if high performance and success are ultimately targeted. This essay is a comprehensive report based on a case study evaluation of Perdido Beach Resort (United States) that unveils various ways in which the outlined environmental factors impact the organisation as it suggests possible remedies to counter the challenges. Perdido Beach Resort is a hotel within the United States hotel and hospitality industry that primarily exists to provide hotel and accommodation services to tourist both local and international, who visits the famous Orange beach in the US.

Located in alone Island in Alabama, the hotel enjoys a serene environment that continually attracts its customers who visit the region for adventure and leisure.

Perdido Beach Resort also offers a large meeting/ conference facilities that are aimed at capturing local and international business retreats, conventions, wedding and vacations among others. However, throughout its strive to excel and emerge the best in the hospitality industry in the US, the organisation has been faced with several environmental influences that have undoubtedly undermined its operation in successful hospitality service delivery.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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