Essays on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Case Study

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The paper "Sexual Harassment in the Workplace" is a good example of a case study on human resources. Mary’ s case is a complicated dilemma. Arguably, one of the evident aspects, in this case, is a case ofsexual harassment. Mary has a number of ethical dilemmas. Primarily, her main problem is the fact that she needs corporate support for the blood drive as she is passionate about the mission. She is not quite sure if she should forward Joe for his unlawful conduct or whether she should. In normal cases, Joe would be at a great disadvantage and could face a court sentencing for fondling Peggy’ s breast.

However, in this case, the corporation might withdraw its support since its representative has been incriminated in the process. However, another possible situation is whereby Mary reports the case to the corporate managers and gets their support, hence allowing the program to continue while Joe faces legal action.   Primarily, Mary has two options to undertake. First, Mary needs to understand the level of corporate tolerance for sexual harassment cases in the past to determine if it is safe to report Joe to the top management or if it is not.

After understanding the tolerance levels within the organization, would make the dilemma uncomplicated, especially if the company has a strict sexual harassment policy. Secondly, the company might have high tolerance levels for such individuals. In such a case, Mary can tell Peggy all that is at stake but consistently reminds her that whatever action she decides to take against Joe is up to her and that Mary will support her fully. In such an incidence, then Mary may lose the program if Peggy decides to press charges or retain it if she decides to overlook the issue for a greater purpose.

It is then entirely up to the injured party to decide what legal action to take and in no way up to the managers (Boland 174). However, Mary needs to take proactive actions to prevent Joe from taking such measures such as requesting a different representative from the corporation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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