Essays on Ethical Issues to Be Considered When Marketing Prescription Drugs Assignment

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The paper “ Ethical Issues to Be Considered When Marketing Prescription Drugs" is a meaningful example of an assignment on ethics. Is direct to consumer (DTC) advertising of drugs considered ethical? What facts could be supplied to help you make your decision? DTC or direct to consumer advertisement of prescription drugs can be considered to be ethical. This is mainly because the advertisements are thought to consider various emotional considerations like fear, shame, embarrassment, vulnerability, helplessness, vanity, romantic inferiority and the social problems that consumers may be experiencing (Mullner, 2005). The advertisements are considered ethical since they help in addressing the different conditions that consumers suffer from which range from erectile dysfunctions, anxiety, depressions and panic attacks (Case study, 2010).

In addition, they provide vital information to the consumers, respect their choices while encouraging many of them to seek medical assistance (Moore & Murray, 2009). They are also considered as unethical by various critics who suggest that their placements are inappropriate. This is because they are done in areas that are visible to the young people within the society. For instance, the case study suggests that they are placed in televisions during sporting events that are high profile or at some point in their prime time shows (2010). What Ethical Issues Should Be Considered When Marketing Prescription Drugs? When marketing prescription drugs, there are many ethical issues that should be considered which include their side effects on the consumers, the young children watching the adverts and the community at large (Moore & Murray, 2009).

The advertisements placed in the media should be informative, encouraging to the consumers who are reluctant to go for medical attention and address the real issues affecting the health of the public (Hartman & DesJardins, 2007).

The marketing strategies applied when advertising prescription drugs should aim at decreasing any dangerous side effects that could harm society and increase the competition within the pharmaceutical industry (Mullner, 2005). They should additionally stipulate what they are actually meant to do and how they should be utilized for the purpose of solving their consumer’ s problems. The advertisements should additionally advise the medical practitioners involved in how to properly prescribe the drugs and make follow-ups on their patient’ s recovery (Moore & Murray, 2009)What Are The Costs And Benefits Of Marketing Prescription Drugs Directly To Physicians? The costs involved in the marketing of prescription drugs include the rise in pharmaceutical costs which in turn leads to increases in the costs of health care services.

Other additional costs that are involved include the increases in the prices of the pharmaceutical products that are increased by the manufacturers due to the costs they incur (Mullner, 2005). The companies manufacturing prescription drugs have to incur costs in order to teach therapists how to prescribe the drugs and make follow-ups on their patients.

Due to the large costs incurred when advertising the drugs, the manufacturers most likely lose their savings and end up making losses on the drugs that they are inventing and are unknown to the public (Hartman & DesJardins, 2007). However, many benefits have been associated with the marketing of prescription drugs which include addressing of issues related to public health and increase the efficiency of the pharmaceutical industry (Moore & Murray, 2009). In addition, the marketing of prescription drugs enables the consumers to acquire vital information on drugs they had no prior information of (Hartman & DesJardins, 2007).

It also benefits the manufacturers by increasing the efficiency within the industry through stiffer competition. The consumers directly benefit from the increase in the variety of drugs at their disposal in addition to their choices being respected (Mullner, 2005).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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