Essays on The Operations of Best Buy and Its Social Responsibility Initiatives over the Last Couple of Years Case Study

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The paper "The Operations of Best Buy and Its Social Responsibility Initiatives over the Last Couple of Years" is a perfect example of a business case study. The report that follows looks at the operations of Best Buy in terms of its social responsibility initiatives over the last couple of years. The report denotes Best Buy as a customer-centric organization that takes pride in meeting customers’ demands and desires. The report further gives reasons why Best Buy has been able to maintain a competitive advantage in the industry while at the same time driving sustainability initiatives.

The company continues to rely on its knowledgeable employees, customer segmentation strategy, good leadership and unrivaled customer service. This report also delves into the investment that Best Buy has been able to invest in helping customers on ways that they can be part of an environmentally friendly community and how these investments have been positive to the company. Investments such as recycling kiosks, haul-away services, recycling gift cards, trade-in programs and pick-up services have all been aimed at promoting an environmentally conscious customer base.

It goes ahead to detail how these investments have been good investments for Best Buy. The impact of the social responsibility efforts by Best Buy is discussed in detail in this report. It looks at how the company’ s major stakeholders – shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers – have been impacted by its social responsibility initiatives. Customers have been able to save on energy costs; shareholders enjoy the positives of reduced operational costs, employees’ philanthropy and morale are boosted and suppliers have the chance to improve their businesses if they are to work with Best Buy. Additionally, the report discusses some of the major ethical challenges facing most businesses in the 21st century.

Such ethical issues highlighted in the report include inequality in pay perks, employee harassment, accounting ethics and social networking issues.


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