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Zhaocong Zhang COMM 3113-01 Dr. Larry Jurney April 10, Business Executive Interview I got a chance to interview Renyu Mao who is a Senior Project Manager in a certified public accounting firm named Shinewing. Renyu has been associated with Shinewing for 9 years. In his initial years at Shinewing, his role was that of an accountant. Over the years, because of his hardwork and skills, Mr. Mao got promoted to the role of a senior project manager. During my internship in Shinewing, I got an opportunity to work closely with Renyu Mao.

I found him quite accessible and righteous. During my online interview with him, he gave me many useful suggestions about my own professional life. When our interview began, I was curious to know about his journey from an accountant to his current level in the organization. I also asked him about the most important skill-set responsible for the success in his career. He told me humbly that the most important aspect to be successful in any field you choose is the love for your job. If you love your job everything else will fall in place.

Also, honesty is of utmost significance for an accountant. Any manipulations you try to do in your job as an accountant would affect the bottom line of the organization in the long term. Mr. Mao told me that it is not easy to grow from an accountant to a top level manager in the company within 9 years. He mentioned that apart from having great professional accounting skills, the most important skills that can help you grow in the company are communication skills and personal relationships with colleagues.

In most of the Chinese companies, these skills are very important for growth and success in the organization. Even if a person has great professional accounting but lacks in the above mentioned skills he cannot move up smoothly in the organization. However, this doesn’t undermine the importance of accounting skills. Accounting expertise is a must for you to be a good leader. As the interview proceeded further, I asked Mr. Mao how to acquire good communication skills. He mentioned that good communication skills are very significant for a fruitful professional career.

These skills comprise of good speaking, listening and writing skills. In an accounting company like Shinewing, Mr. Mao gets a lot of opportunities to interact with clients and the internal staff within the organization. He pointed out that it is very important to have good working relationship with all colleagues and for that good communication skills become imperative. As a senior project manager, Mr. Mao is responsible for providing regular reports to his superiors and colleagues. Therefore, he has to speak very precisely and effectively in order to transfer correct information to his seniors and subordinates.

In addition to this, his job also requires him to have good writing skills so that he is able summarize important information in his written report. Mr. Mao also stressed on the fact that communication is always two-sided and hence it is also important to understand information which other people intend to convey to you. You should be able to understand this information both from the verbal and non-verbal aspects of their language.

Similarly when you provide information to other people, it should be done in a way which is easily acceptable by others. Along with modulation in your verbal language, you should use appropriate gestures to communicate with them. Also, to fine-tune your communication skills further, it is important to practice your writing skills. During the later part of my interview, Mr. Mao gave me advice to improve my accounting skills firstly. As an accounting student, professional accounting skills are the most important for me. He told me about the importance of goals and targets.

He also suggested me to pass the CPA exam to improve my job prospects. He also advised me develop good communication skills and personal relationships within college. He told me that I should try to learn how to refine my listening, speaking and writing skills. While in college, you should make efforts to develop good relationships with your colleagues. Good relationships will be the most precious wealth that you will accumulate in your professional life. Last but not the least, Mr. Rao suggested me to acquire good internship experience in my academic life.

After my interview with Mr. Mao, I came to know a lot about professional skills required for a successful career. To enhance these skills I need to develop a good plan. As an accounting student, the most important aspect I should focus on is my accounting skill. For this, I need to pass the CPA exam in America and also strive to be an honest and responsible accountant throughout my life. The second aspect I need to work upon my listening, speaking and writing skills.

This would help me to communicate effectively with my colleagues in college as well as in my professional career. Thirdly, I also need to participate in extra-curricular activities in order to practice my communication skills and learn team-work. Simultaneously, I should also work on developing good relationships with people to ensure that I accumulate this precious wealth in my professional life. Interviewee Name: Renyu Mao Company: Shinewing Certified Public Accountants Title: Senior Project Manager

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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