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The paper 'Business in Tourism Industry in the UAE" is a good example of a business case study. The UAE is ranked 18th with high-level security and safety among 124 countries in the travel and tourism competitive index. This adds value to the tourism business due to the fact that people are always sensitive to security issues when they are traveling. Recently, the UAE scored 5.09 out of 7 scores on the ‘ national perception of tourism’ in UAE. The excellent performance indicates a commitment to promoting the tourism environment, especially in Dubai.

Coupled with the diverse nature of the population, hotel business in UAE is bound to register success. The function of this study is to examine the possible market demand for the development of a full-service hotel in Dubai City. With the objective of boosting tourism in UAE, the hotel services capture a start-up accommodation facility of 20 rooms and a number of amenities stretching from indoor to outdoor facilities. On the basis of the study results, estimated operating results for 1 year will be prepared. The scope of the study is summarized with the following headings: The title, the vision, Marketing, Technology, economy, financial, administration, legal, and assessment. Feasibility study for a hotel Business in Dubai Geography For the purpose of this study, the proposed Hotel Business will be based in Dubai city.

Dubai is ranked in the second position as a prime emirate in UAE and is most recognized worldwide. It is situated on the banks of Dubai which divides the city into Deira city to the north and Bur Dubai on the south thus making it the most critical port and commercial center in the UAE.

The location of the hotel is at the heart of the city where it is accessible all the time by diverse transport means. The combination of the sunny climate, white sandy beaches, superior shopping, and entertainment grounds have raised the reputation of Dubai as one of the most appealing and rapidly expanding tourist destinations in the world. The city is well established as the trading and commercial center of the Far East with an excellent commercial center and wide luxurious resort. Their strategic locations at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, and Africa make it combine traditions of the east and the comforts of the west.

This is a reason why travelers and tourists find that Dubai offers high standards of comfort and luxury. The ability to set up a hotel in the city of Dubai will automatically generate substantial returns due to its location advantages. The vision statement of the project The project has a vision of becoming a preferred tourist choice in Dubai by offering diverse services ranging from indoor facilities to outdoor facilities directed to different groups of people both governmental and non-governmental.

In this case, the hotel will be upgraded to reflect on modern innovative facilities. Through its business activity, the hotel business will generate a substantial amount of profits which will be ploughed back for business expansion. Marketing Most tourism businesses in Dubai city are advertised via print and non-print media. Another innovative strategy used by tourism business in Dubai is the discounts on room rates ranging from 60% and subsequent reduction of food and beverage prices by 25%. This strategy is conducted from January to February during the Dubai Shopping Festivals.

The aim of this framework initiated by the government is to market tourism in all proceedings the whole year. The campaign stretches from UK, Germany, Gulf Cooperation states, India, Australia, China, and Japan. The provision of special prices on hotel services and other facilities is part of the marketing strategy available in Dubai.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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