Essays on How Ageing Society Affects Business in Australia Case Study

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The paper "How Ageing Society Affects Business in Australia" is a perfect example of a business case study. Business in Australia has been subjected to challenges due to the rising population of old people. An aging society has an impact on the government that is an issue to be considered. When people grow old, they will tend to be slow in performing their duties, unlike young people who are active. In Australia, you find that people continue to work even after their retirement period. Most organizations are populated by old people who discourage the young to apply or look for jobs.

When there is such a situation, the future should be considered because there will be a need for people to work when the old is no longer able. There will be a need for younger people to generate innovative ideas to enable the government to come up with projects that will boost economic development. The topic discusses the impacts of aging the population on business in Australia, it focuses on how this business will be affected in the future as well.

Sources from the internet and books have been used in this topic whereby statistics on the current population of the workforce in Australia have been analyzed, and facts depicted from these sources. How aging society affects business in Australia 2.0. Introduction Business is defined as an activity that aims at generating money. The process of exchanging goods and services to make money is a business; the main motive of the business is to make profits. There are several categories of business depending on social, political and economic stipulations. The major characters that form a business are the existence of the buyer and the seller.

They are the main components that accomplish business activities. There cannot be a buyer, and the seller is not available because the seller has what the buyer needs. There are factors that determine the success of a business, and they include demand and supply forces, availability of raw materials and enabling environment. From the insight of business; it is crystal clear that it requires young and energetic people to conduct business.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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