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The paper "Forecast Analysis of Macquarie Mountain Estate Ltd" is a great example of a business case study. Macquarie Mountain Estate Co-op Ltd has shown an increasing trend in the sales volumes of wines for the last seven years. Both the tables and graphs show a relatively increasing trend with only a few recessions in sales. The forecasted values show an increasing trend as well (see table1). With consistency in the current marketing plan, the company is likely going to achieve the figures in the forecast or even post better results.

According to the market analysis, the firm should employ better forms of advertising as well as incorporate innovation and use of the current technology in their marketing in order to capture the market well. This paper uses several methods to forecast the given data. It uses the winter method, the naï ve seasonal method and the multi-regression method. This is because these are the best technique when it comes to forecasting. For decision purposes, we choose the multi-regression method for the forecast. It is a method that can relate the future and the present as well as come up with predictions of the future if most factors are held constant.

From the forecasted results, the sales volumes rise towards 8 percent which is above the levels attained in other quarters. The other statistical methods would have been used in this task although they may not give rise to the results yielded by time series analysis. This is if because this method gives an analysis of the past, present and the near future. There are instances where the other popular methods may not have been applicable in this exercise because they may only give statistics of a given data in the current status.

With time series evaluation, one is able to gauge the results of a particular program especially when the values are plotted on a line graph. The advantages, as well as the limitations of this method, have been well-highlighted. Introduction The wine industry in Australia is the most established in the world. This paper is going to investigate the trend in the volume of sales volume of wine by Macquarie Mountain Estate Co-op, Ltd (MMEC) for the last seven years beginning from 2006 with a progression or a forecast for the coming years.

This paper will investigate the status of the market currently as well as the expected growth in sales volumes for 2014 through 2015. There will also be a discussion on the environment which the company operates including the current market as well as the government controls and regulations regarding wine production and distribution. Macquarie Mountain Estate Co-op, Ltd, has the challenge of finding out the outcome in the forecast or the future sales volumes in the quarters of September 2014 to June 2015. There is data for the sales volumes of wines for the company for the last seven years which is a good baseline or background information for us to find a suitable conclusion (Box, et al, 2015).

Through the application of the most suitable methods and techniques, this paper is going to find out the most likely sales volumes for the company for the said periods. Precisely, Microsoft excel application will be used in coming up with the projected figures as well as mapping them on a map for analysis.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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