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The paper 'Business Idea and Using Different Models and Developing" is a perfect example of business coursework.   During the entire study career, the interest has always been entrepreneurship and various challenges that it presents. With time, such interest developed into a business plan and profound interest in various business models. The aim of most people, in their professional careers, is to start a business. Hence, it is natural to try to combine their interests in the business models and the aim of starting a business. Moreover, the business plan, in this case, is “ SEO Consultant” which I found interesting but I never know much about the market niche.

The project is based on my interest and needs for knowledge acquisition, the focus of the project plan will be establishing the manner in which the entrepreneurs in need of starting SEO Consultant could create successful SEO Consultant model that aims to attract various customers (Murray,   2004, 157). A successful business model enables the entrepreneur, in this case, is the SEO Consultant, to support various business activities financially to ensure that it has the potential growth in the size and profitability.

The plan will collect the data through analysis of the existing business entities operating within the online business industry based on the longevity, and the size, ability to generate revenue and profit, popularity, and professionalism. From the results, the business will use various elements of the business model in developing the SEO Consultant business model. Business Opportunity SEO Consultants present numerous opportunities for investment. In this case, the business will be an SEO Consultant. Such businesses offer services in digital form with customers accessing such an offer at their convenience: home computers.

In the modern business environment, the needs of the customers are continuously changing; therefore, efficiency, reliability, and effective are important. SEO Consultant presents numerous opportunities to both the consumers and business since it reduces the cost of operation and delivery of the products and services to the customers. Moreover, the online platforms offer the customers of asking their questions without having to visit the shop; as a result, the method presents the easiest way of doing business (Casadesus-Masanell & Ricart,   2010, 201). There are different businesses that operate online such as brokerage, gambling, and entertainment, online commerce support services, and social medial networks. Business Description Considering the ins and outs opportunities associated with the search engines and skills in various platforms such as Google Analytics, the business opportunity is the SEO Consultant.

Most smaller companies have not been able to realize the significance of search engine optimization (SEO) on business performance. Therefore, the role of the consultant will be educating such businesses on the power of SEO in assisting to transform organizational websites into a more SEO friendly.

With such opportunity, the business will use the skills in showing other business owners methods of reading and using their analytics data properly and the methods of using their keywords and structure content in getting more traffic (Surdak,   2014, 216). Primary data from potential customer segments Customer segments assist the entrepreneur in clarifying the customer group that the target with the value proposition. For value propositions, various questions could assist in creating customer segments linked to the problem to solve and the most important customers. For the business, it will serve both business-to-business market and business-to-business.

Besides, the developed business model will focus on online business in serving business entities that have not been able to realize the significance of SEO. In every customer segment, the business will establish features of the customers to assist in the separation of customers. Based on the geographic segment, the segment will be region, country, and urban, demographic factors include profession and income, and behavioural factors are personality, social status, lifestyle, attitude, opinions, and values. An archetype is also an important tool while developing the market segments as it reflects the stereotypic representative of the customers (Carson, Louiviere, Wang & Li,   2003, 101).

Since the business will be operating in social media platform, it will not only focus on the already established that need advertisement services but also ensure that customers get their feedback for the services various affiliate institutions offer.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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