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The paper “ Creativity Self Test - Business Improvement Strategies" is a breathtaking variant of an essay on management. The creativity aspect is a salient feature in my talent pool. I strongly concur that it is a consistent part of how I undertake my daily duties and responsibilities. I have since mastered a set of creativity skills since I was in middle school which I apply constantly. This has been made possible through learning and implementing advanced creativity techniques with time. With creativity, I have gained in-depth knowledge of areas of my work that demands creativity.

I am receptive to team creativity and challenges influencing my way of thinking and equal sharing of rewards. I also like seeing my creative idea from conception to application stage and being aware of my creative uniqueness I apply on a constant basis. However, I am not sure whether time constraints impede creativity at my workplace. My position and role in the organization influence my participation and implementation of these ideas since our functional structure limits the inception of ideas by middle-level staff. According to the rating in the appendix section, the score is 85 which means that I am very creative.

It is true that highly creative in response to the challenges I encounter, as opposed to it being a skill naturally used in every part of my life. I work at a stock exchange requiring creativity and flexibility in harnessing gains from stocks. I have employed creative skills in my previous assignments like developing a pork breakfast gadget that tells the owner that it is time to wake up. Waking up is a challenge to many people especially in a chilly morning or after a strenuous day.

The solution to that problem was developing a gadget that is less costly, reliable and beneficial to many people. The idea was initially thought but brainstorming with colleagues became a broad concept worth trying. Since I have developed many ideas before but failed to take to the implementation level, I grew restless in ensuring this excellent idea succeeds. The skills have been part of me and this has made it possible to persuade financiers to fund the project. Brainstorming as an idea creation technique has also assisted in determining whether the given idea was new and feasible.

I believe in coming up with incremental and radical concepts. For instance, two years ago, while on an assignment to reduce losses as the stocks department, came up with speculation software that detects levels of risk and turbulence of shares and stocks. Being a junior employee in the company, I was constrained from ensuring the idea materialized. I was able to convince the section head to consider this idea as it would reduce administration costs and increase profits.

My mastery of creativity was not hindered by time limitations as I took about six months to convince the manager on the importance of integrating creative works to innovativeness in business. I think I am naturally creative and responsive. I admire innovative ideas that have been developed and implemented. I always communicate my ideas effectively by letting others know the wider need and solutions to common problems. I am open to diverse and new dimensions. In the case of Stocks Speculation software, I incorporated my team and was happy to learn of their positive feedback.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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