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The paper "Individual Analysis of Personal Competencies" is an outstanding example of a management essay. With the recent dynamics around management as a practice, managerial competencies are increasingly becoming critically important for managers. For any system of management, these competencies are proving to be a recipe for success whether in organizations or businesses, or even government. One would ask, however, “ Of what importance are managerial competencies? ” It is almost impossible to talk about any business entity without mentioning the need for its people to be managed and directed in a way. That is where managerial competencies come in handy.

It is through these competencies that an organisation is able to distinguish between mediocre managers and managers that are up to the task. As a result, therefore, it is paramount that everybody understands and analyses their managerial competencies so that it is easier for them to know better how and where they fit well. In order to carry out such personal competency analyses, certain assessment tools are usually used. Some of these instruments include the Competing Values Leadership Instrument, the Competing Values Management Practices Instrument, and a Communication Style Assessment. This report is founded on three main self-assessment tools i. e.

Competing Values Management Practice Assessment, Competing Values Leadership Assessment, and Communication Style Assessment. Their findings reveal that I’ m an analytical and intuitive communicator, a collaborative and creative manager, and a delegating and facilitating leader. Overall, I should improve on my directing skills, personal communication skills, and coaching skills. A personal action plan with the deliberate intention of helping improve on the apparent weaknesses is also presented towards the end of this report, especially on the three revealed weaknesses that need improvement. Introduction In view of the brief above, this paper is typically a business report that seeks to provide an in-depth analysis of my personal competencies based on three main self-assessment techniques i. e.

the Competing Values Leadership Instrument technique, the Competing Values Management Practices Instrument technique, and a Communication Style Assessment technique.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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