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The paper "Business Information Management Strategy" is a great example of a Business Case Study. The strategy is the method or technique used by a business for the attaining some objectives and goals. The IS and IT strategy offers enhanced ways regarding the effective establishment of the new technology-based arrangement at the corporate (Laudon & Laudon, 1999) and (Summers et al. , 2003). Globalcom is an emerging business that has launched a new communication-based device that will be used inside the phone and will revolutionize the world market for mobile phones. In this scenario, the business has established new business arrangements and setups for the possible business expansion.

In this scenario, the business is going to initiate a new corporate arrangement that will offer enhanced support in case of the better business management. In this scenario for effective business management for a huge corporate structure there is a need for some enhanced technology-based arrangement. For this purpose, this research and analysis based report is going to define and describe a detailed report that will assess and analyze the establishment of a new technology-based arrangement at the Globalcom business. 2- Purpose for IS strategy Allen (1995) outlined that IS/IT strategy works like a main player among the corporate working strategy as well as inside the business strategy.

IS/IT strategy offers solutions regarding the issues needs for the business information and areas to be managed to support the business processes (Allen, 1995). In the case of the Globalcom business, we are having a huge expected growth. It is assessed that the business of Globalcom will expend to huge extent through its invented device extensive use in social and business areas till 2013.

It is seen that the Globalcom business has expanded to a huge setup in its first 3 months of trading and able to expand from one to 20 locations in main cities in the UK. These pieces of evidence predicting that business is having a huge opportunity in case of possible business expansion and enlargement. In such a huge business setup we would be having a lot of business processes, customers, suppliers and market areas. In such a working arrangement, there are lots of possible issues regarding the traditional practice of the business process.

In this scenario, there is a need for some new technology-based arrangement that can better support the business working and operational areas. This new IT and IS based arrangement will connect and manage the overall business division and working areas. 3- Overview/summary of business strategy 3.1- Internal/External Analysis of Business Objectives 3.1.1- Business Overview Globalcom is an emerging business that has introduced a new technology device that becomes necessary for mobile phone communication in a business arrangement. From the launch business of Globalcom has attained a higher market acceptance.

The business is able to attain a higher market share in its start months. In suture, the Globalcom business is expecting extensive business growth and expansion through the worldwide launch of this new communication support device. It is also assessed that the Globalcom business’ s device will be an integral part of all business communication phones in 2013.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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