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Evaluation of Information Management/Systems at Acer Incorporated CompanyIntroductionAcer incorporated company is a Taiwanese computer business. It was founded in 1976 by Stan Shih as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) (Curtis & Cobham, 2008). Currently Acer Incorporated Company leads in the manufacturer of tablets, notebooks, desktop and handheld computers from Taiwan. Recently, the company has shifted from being a dual OEM and brand company to being a company which deals with branding alone like the giant United States companies such as IBM. It now deals with marketing and distribution of its products and contracts other companies to manufacturers to do the production.

The company deals in a wide range of selling services (Grimshaw, 2000). The main activities of the company include development, marketing, and selling of PC servers, business desktops, computer workstations, computer software and computer components. The company also provides other services like internet, repair of its products, electronic services, investing, construction and storage of information. The group operates in Taiwan, US and Europe and its products are exported to Africa, Europe, South and North America. Acer incorporated is part of the Acer group (Curtis & Cobham, 2008). This paper discusses the business information systems at Acer and how some of the systems have been used to resolve various problems at the company.

In particular, the paper provides insights at how the company uses hardware technology and software for information technology, the knowledge management strategies at the company, risk management, systems development and change management at the Acer Company (Acer, 2010). The use of Business Information Management/SystemsManagement information systems are vital to an organization in the processes of tracking, storing, manipulation and distribution of information to the targeted people.

It is essential in creation of functional units which are cohesive by streamlining the operations of a business. Management information system concept was conceptualized in the 1960s when managers of large businesses discovered that computerization of record keeping could result in an efficient process of running a business (Curtis & Cobham, 2008). Data from management information systems are used by decision makers of the company to make sound decisions. In addition, management information systems reduce the costs of running a business through enhancing communication within and without the organization and reducing human labor.

They also support business goals (both long term and short term) and are used in distribution of information which is complex. Computer hardware is an important part of a management information system in addition to the information to be tracked, entering and manipulation of data. Different aspects of business can be supported by the management information systems. These sectors include data storage, technology resources, human resources, accounting functions and financial functions (Acer, 2010). When internet is incorporated into these information management systems, more benefits are accrued.

These include faster and wider marketing, innovative organization and outsourcing. Sellers using the internet reach many buyers within a short span of time. The internet makes the process of tracking and analyzing the needs of customers to be easier and on the other hand the buyers have a wide range of suppliers to choose from by easily comparing the services provided and their respective prices (Curtis & Cobham, 2008). Organizational innovation is catalyzed by both intangible inputs like new software development and the intangible outputs like reduced time of delivery.

These innovations in organization ultimately results in productivity growth through reduced coordination costs, communication costs and cost of processing. The changes also result in increased qualitative output by the company. It is easier to outsource using the internet since there are many companies that an organization can outsource from by comparing the services and goods they offer and respective prices (Grimshaw, 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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