Essays on How Social Computing Can Improve Business Services Assignment

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The paper "How Social Computing Can Improve Business Services" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Employee engagement – Employees within a business environment frequently use voluminous and unstructured information, which comes in the forms of instant messages, web pages, videos, emails, documents and news (Liu, Salerno & Young 2009). In addition, the employees use most of their time looking for information, difficulties in accessing appropriate information and most information from employees are undocumented. Therefore, social computing provides features and tools that enhance productivity (Shah 2010). The platform associated with social computing allows for sharing information and communicating.

Hence, productivity increases, reduction of information overload, streamlining of business processes, effective collaboration and communication. Customer engagement – social computing provides mechanisms of engaging stakeholders and customers and provides an avenue for organizations to exceed corporate initiatives. Social computing comes with numerous tools that include intelligence, creation, and business integration systems (Liu, Salerno & Young 2009). Therefore, social computing ensures increase sales, decrease operating costs, increase brand loyalty, engagement with customers, enhancement of company reputation and image, and increase customer awareness (Shah 2010). Business engagement – Social computing allows organisations with unique features positioned to improve customer service, business relationships, and promotion of flexible working (Dasgupta 2010).

In utilisation of social computing, an organisation increase sales, cut costs and improve efficiency, increase brand loyalty, a flexible employee working, shortens development time, increases the effectiveness of the entire organization and increases market awareness (Liu, Salerno & Young 2009). Therefore, social computing improves the effectiveness of an organization towards fulfilment of objectives and goals (Shah 2010). Question 2: Discuss the efforts that Wikipedia takes to improve the reliability of its content.

Why do many educators continue to disapprove of Wikipedia as a reference source for scholarly work? Discuss three reasons. (~250 Words) Reliability is a major issue that affects Wikipedia. The information that Wikipedia provides is untrue and is faced with numerous inconsistencies (O’ Sullivan 2012).



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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