Essays on Business Integration: Case Study Of 'Ecowash Mobile: Towards A Sustainable Future' Case Study

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XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLecturerXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx16th August, 2012. Sustainability as a corporate responsibility Almost all corporations all over the globe are besieged with the new role which is mainly concerned with the meeting of the needs of the current generation and at the same time not compromising the ability of the upcoming generation to satisfy their needs. All organizations are currently been called to take responsibility of the different ways in which they conduct their operations and how their operations affects the society as well as the natural environment (Ayres 1996, p. 250). Organizations are called upon to implement sustainable principles in the ways that they conduct their businesses.

Sustainability is termed as the aspect of organizations activities that exhibit that the organization is really concerned of the social as well as the environmental implications of their operations. In the modern day business world it is termed as inappropriate for an organization to enjoy economic prosperity in segregation from the other agents that have really impacted by the organizations actions. Organization must therefore aim at increasing both its bottom line and at the same time being a company citizen.

Organization have been therefore forced to reshape most of their frameworks so as to keep abreast of the global trends and been committed to the financial obligations to convey both private benefits and public benefits (Pearce, Atkinson & Hamilton 1998, p. 67). For organization to enhance and recognize current efforts all organizations need to revisits their long term and short term agendas as so as to stay ahead of swiftly changing challenges. Organizations therefore need to develop strategies that are aimed at dealing the intersection of the surrounding environment, the needs of the society and the equivalent business imperatives (Kuik & Verbruggen 1991, p.

56). Organizations are termed to be on a development continuum in regard to how deeply as well as how well they are able to incorporate corporate responsibility approached in their day to day operations and their strategy. Corporate responsibility and sustainability are therefore seen as been prominent features of most businesses (Miller & Wali 1995, p. 415). Ecowash has achieved popularity due to the company’s focus on been a leader in been environmentally sustainability.

In the Ecowash case study the issues of sustainability as a corporate responsibility have been discussed as a major critical issue of the Ecowash mobile and it is firmly embedded in the organization core principles. Sustainability in Ecowash is viewed from three major perspectives that is; commercially perspective, environmentally perspective and personally perspective. This three perspectives are linked in such a way that a failure in one of the concepts can potently lead to the failure of the whole sustainability concept all over the organization. There is a lot of evidence that is available in regard to the global warming is seen as been responsible for numerous changes that have been occurring in the economic sustainability and in the globe environment.

Some environmentalist are of the opinion that the effects that can be brought about by change in climate may lead to a number of consequences such as destabilization of the climate, rising of temperature and sea levels and also scarcity of water. The issue of scarcity of water is currently been experienced in a number of major towns around the globe.

This has over time led to a greater number of individuals not washing their cars at home. With this Ecowash got the opportunity to offer their waterless services. In relation to the environment Ecowash is said to use biodegradable product and at the same time it uses manufacturing processes that are follow strict guidelines that enhance environmental friendliness. In regard to this the cleaning product are usually contained in bottles that are recyclable and the clothes that are used when delivering the services are also reusable.

In support of thus the car used by franchisee are selected in such a way that they cause the most minimal impact on the surrounding environment. The organization also ensures that they have a paperless office.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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