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The paper "Description of Challenges in Developing Dashboard" is a perfect example of a business case study. The dashboard  provides users with available data to view and information insights. According to dashboards can create data from any field of work. From sales cash flows and advertising data: accounting data to inventory reports. A dashboard provides this information in one section for users to access and interpret easily. With dashboards, users can access information from anywhere, anytime whether on the go or at home. Dashboards are important in business analytics. Description of challenges in developing a dashboard. The dashboard brings about challenges in various capacities to all users.

The challenge is in creating a well defined, easier to interpret and understand. The capture of different sets of data that are small and cannot accommodate huge amounts of information. The role of the dashboard is to configure large results into smaller understandable or meaningful insights. Supply of information and communication is a primary challenge. Most charts /graphs have a two-dimensional approach in the study. This cannot provide a measurable amount of information framework development and change. Various concerns of failed integration and conflicting content, low interaction with the user, poor navigation and poor insufficient quality user experience. Dashboards incorporated with small amounts of data are most convenient for short-term rather than long-term lack of precision of long-term improvises strategies. End users. A role is the title of somebody.

Responsibility is what the user can visualize and practice. Dashboards are system software applications for efficient, storage and interpretation of an organization's data. End- users might not be is of how the system works but uses the software that interacts with the dat6a base.

The operator must incorporate design to fit end-users' requirements. Understand between them of accomplishment goals required by the end-user and configuring the work.

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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