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The paper "Business Intelligence Platform" is a great example of a business assignment. Arcplan: Their major area of functionality is in reporting and in analysis for SAP NetWeaver BW users. They offer a wide range of product s and the research carried by Gartner indicated customer satisfaction for their overall product experience. The survey showed that a large percentage of customer respondents were planning to quit their use of arcplan products in the next five years. This might have been attributed to their heavy marketing and selling efforts for SAP Business Objects. Actuate: They are the main area of functionality is in the deployment of externally facing customer and business partner BI application.

Their products track up well in terms of reporting and development requirements. However, customer’ s portrayed dissatisfaction in the operations of actuating which saw its exclusion from the Magic Quadrant. Bitam: It is the best choice of vendor for most due to its ease of operation, quality of its reference and low cost. unlike other vendors, their overall product and support time to resolution are rated below average. Broad International: It offers a well-integrated BI platform incorporating planning, reporting and analysis capabilities.

Despite this credibility, the Board function of rating was rated low by customers. Their average cost of license cost per user was relatively high in comparison with other vendors. Corda Technologies: It is one of the new entries into the Magic Quadrant this year. They are specialized in selling java-based development tools. It is the most commonly used BI vendor due to its low total license cost. On the contrary, Corda’ s vision is narrow since it focuses mainly on data visualization. IBM: It portrays a wide range of analytic capabilities in order to accomplish its imperatives.

However, its products are not preferred by the majority of the BI platform users due to their complexity in use and high license costs. Information Builders: Their products are well suited as a platform for building customer Web-based BI application. Their applications are however difficult to use. Jaspersoft: It offers a comprehensive open-source BI platform and their costs of applications are the most compelling. They however lack standard account management hence has not earned the credibility of most of the customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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