Essays on Business Issues and Quality Management Assignment

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The paper "Business Issues and Quality Management" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. ABC p/c quality policy is its unlimited commitment in the provision of products that are of higher quality and offering would class status to its clients this is very much in line with the corporate mission of ABC p/c which is achieving prolonged market growth through high-quality products that are competitive in cost and are supported by excellence in customer service. Through its unending commitment to high-quality provision the policy wholly supports the company’ s corporate mission.

Quality services in the much competitive industry with considerable growth year after the other an idea that is fully backed by the mission statement. Total quality management is necessary measures that are put in place by a company in order to ensure clients satisfaction through availing enough quality goods at their disposal. This also involves regulating prices to make sure that they are sensitive to the prevailing market prices of similar products i. e. prices are not too high but the prices set should not compromise with the quality. Total quality management implies that products manufactured attain global status in levies of quality with efforts being employed year after the other to ensure the non-fading quality of products.

It encompasses new innovations aimed at continuous quality improvement. All the business stakeholders must take part in ensuring that the initiative of continued improvement is met with new inputs and research collections based on how to adequately improve the quality of services & products. To achieve these workers are very helpful in the production of goods and services issuance with the management personnel being very resourceful and market research is undertaken as well as provision of funds to cater for the improvement initiatives.

Customers are equally important since they give feedback to the company about the services offered to help the company to make adjustment where necessary through process measurements.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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