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Task One ABC p/c quality policy is its unlimited commitment in provision of products that are of higher quality and offering would class status to its clients this is every much in line with corporate mission of ABC p/c which is achieving prolonged market growth through high quality products that are competitive in cost and are supported by excellence in customer service. Through its unending commitment in high quality provision the policy wholly supports the company’s corporate mission. Quality services in the much competitive industry with considerable growth year after the other an idea that is fully backed by the mission statement. Total quality management are necessary measures that are put in place by a company in order to ensure clients satisfaction through availing enough quality goods at their disposal.

This also involves regulating prices to make sure that they are sensitive to the prevailing market prices of similar products i. e. prices are not too high but the prices set should not compromise with the quality. Total quality management imply that products manufactured attain global status in levies of quality with efforts being employed year after the other to ensure non fading quality of products.

It encompasses new innovations aimed at continuous quality improvement. All the business stakeholders must take part in ensuring that the initiative of continued improvement is met with new inputs and research collections based on how to adequately improve quality on services & products. To achieve these workers are very helpful in the production of goods and services issuance with the management personnel being very resourceful and market research is undertaken as well as provision of funds to cater for the improvement initiatives.

Customers are equally important since they give the feedback to the company about the services offered helping the company to make adjustment where necessary through process measurements. The quality management will help in identifying any problem whatsoever thus offering continuous problems identification and solutions to any arising anomalies. To achieve the stated policy it is important that ABC p/c employee undergo some training on efficiency. This should bee in regular intervals through the year where the company should send some employees for training through external training e. g.

participation in external seminars or internal training conducted through seminars workshops and symposiums within the company. Employees should be well remunerated so as to adequately motivate them in their duty of quality provision this should include offering presents to the most hardworking. The management should recognize any initiatives for the employees aimed at high quality production and such moves should be highly encouraged and applauded. The company should assist the employees in setting goals, providing goals achieving techniques, allocate well demonstrated guidelines on achieving goals and rewarding each employee according to his/ her goal attainment level. 2 a) ABC p/c can adopt a method of surveying it customers over specified intervals i. e.

quarterly or monthly. While conducting the survey the company will ask how customers about their products. ABC p/c can perform product specific surveys which will involve talking to a customer of a particular product at anytime from ninety to a year after its purchase. The company can also call its consumers within ninety to a hundred and twenty days after the launch of its products. However, the customer contact should be very different from specific surveys.

The company can then adopt a closed – up process aimed at responding to customer’s complaints. Information gathered from the complaints can later be put into the company’s customer management database. ABC should ensure that its marketing team conducts a win/ loss analysis for every competitive bid. The management can form council and focus groups, bringing in present and potential customers to discuss their requirement. These meetings should be held annually for worldwide clients and every 3 months for regional focus groups.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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