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Essays on Business Law - Contents of Employment Contracts, Legal Liabilities of Managers and Directors Essay

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The paper “ Business Law - Contents of Employment Contracts, Legal Liabilities of Managers and Directors” is a cogent variant of the essay on human resources. Employment contracts are essential for both the organization and its employees. They provide legal protection platform hence cultivates mutual understanding between the two parties. There are obligations that must be observed by both organization’ s management team and the employees. They include duties and legal liabilities. A complete employment contract should define the job position, state the length of the agreement, and specify performance terms, (Guest, Isaksson & Witte, 2010, p. 13).

It should also clearly show the compensation terms, benefits of both parties, and the format of termination. Defining the position requires that you clearly avail information for the employee to understand fully the job requirements, (Media, 2012, p. 23). It includes stating the name of the post to be held and all duties to be done. Inform the employee on the place of operation and hours to be on work. When stating the length of the contract, show the starting and ending dates. Provide conditions and steps to be followed where extension, reduction, and abrupt termination of the duration are necessary.

For performance, it is better to show the necessary skills that you might want to be upgraded during the term of the contract. State the production goals to be achieved and revenue advancements. State all performance measurement barometers that the employee will be held accountable. Every employee will automatically be interested in the compensation plan. It is better when to come out clearly and specify the basic salary to the employee and show the method and mode of payment.

In addition, outline the process and terms of operation in case of overtime. Furthermore, state the incentives on top of the normal salary and how you will be handling draws against the salary, wages, or commissions. Show the employee the effect of termination of the contract both at the right time and before the expiry of the duration. Moreover, show the employee the importance and benefits he gains by working at your firm. They can be personal, or family-related in terms of health, insurances, education, security, check-ups, and diagnosis.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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