Essays on Business Law and the Regulation of Business Case Study

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The paper "Business Law and the Regulation of Business" is a wonderful example of a Business Case Study. Based on the factual consideration of the case presented by Asad and Poppy, there are several grounds to determine if whether Asad had any potential liability to Poppy. In this case, there was no contractual liability arising based on the fact that there was no contract signed or literally existed between Poppy and Asad. There was no conditional clause of whether the painting was on a sale, thus, it was just displayed on the widows of the shop with no written condition.

Due to such factual determination, Asad had no potential liability to Poppy as there was no existing contract or condition agreeable to both parties. Lovely Lighting Ltd’ s Liability to Asad Facts Asad owns ‘ Artybarti’ art gallery within the expensive boutiques in London. Lovely Lighting Ltd manufactures custom-designed lighting shop windows. The sales representative from Lovely Lighting Ltd presents their individually designed products and they have arrangements for the purchase of shop window lighting designed with his shop name ‘ Artybarti’ . The sales representative then gave Asad the sale agreement which Asad signed without reading it properly.

The sale agreement signed contained a clause that Lovely Lighting company does not accept liabilities in relation to product quality supplied, their fitness purpose or whether such products match any description provided. After the signed was supplied, Asad realized that the sign consisted of the name ‘ Artyfarti’ instead of ‘ Artybarti’ . While calling the Lovely Lighting Ltd to complain, the sign catches fire causing considerable damage to the painting new it. Issue Presented The plaintiff (Asad) claimed compensation or Lovely Lighting Ltd be held liable for the damages that it had caused to the painting.

The paper is to determine whether there are any considerable grounds that Lovely Lighting Ltd had any contractual liability to Asad based the presents facts and review of similar cases to establish the validity of the paper’ s arguments. Cases Analysis Based on the fact that Asad did not read all the clauses presented to him by the sale representative of Lovely Lighting Ltd, he is bound the contract signed as the information was presented to him and signed without reading it.

Due to ignorance in the part of Asad on signing the sale agreement without reading it nullifies any liability of the offeror to Offeree in this case as all the information was disclosed but the plaintiff did not read it and signed the same. Thus, the contract was valid and excluded any liabilities to Asad on the quality, fitness and any contractual liability of the product supplied. Based on the fact that the plaintiff signed the agreement with all its exclusion clause would protect the defendant following the contractual liability that bids Lovely Lighting Ltd and Asad.

However, based on the case presented the agreement will not protect the defendant on liability negligence in tort laws. Thus, the defendant will not be exempted from the negligence liability to Asad in the scenario that it’ s due to such negligence that Asad incurred the loss in his galley art shop.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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