Essays on Business Letter (Self Assgnment 3) Essay

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Business Letter Dr. Cole Homes, Department of Management, David Eccles School of Business, Salt Lake Utah, 84112. Dear Sir, Re: Business Letter Introduction This Business Letter is aimed at expressing my communication strengths and weaknesses, based on work I have been involved in during my presentation, and also during working with my group. The analysis will be based on personal observations, group work experiences, as well as feedbacks received from the peers. The Business Letter is also aimed at the development of an action plan that will help me improve my communication skills, while also enabling me to sharpen my business skills. Analysis Communication is one of the vital aspects for everyone, owing to the fact that it is through communication that all aspects of life are addressed.

In the light of this, I am able to communicate in various languages, including English, Arabic and Urdu. I have a confident personality, highly focused on my duties, responsibilities and commitments (Thill and Courtland, 77). I have had a wealth of experience in working with the government as well as the business world. However, my weakness in communication is especially in the use of English, considering that it is my second language.

Nevertheless, through the presentations, readings that I have been taking and the peer interactions, I have been able to improve greatly in this aspect. The other aspect of weakness is that I am an international student, and thus I am not very conversant with the business environment and issues in the United States, thus limiting my effective participation in the business aspects of the country. I have been greatly involved in interactive learning processes, which include personal observations, presentations and group work processes.

In regard to the personal observation of the presentations and group work processes, it has been a very beneficial experience through productively interacting with the group members and contributing during the group discussions and assignment undertaking. The group work process has been very impressive, since it has granted me the opportunity to cooperate with others, while also generating ideas and listening to the ideas generated by others. It has been a refreshing experience, with much assistance from the group, which helped me greatly in the right approach to presentation and also how to analyze the presentation.

This has helped me to improve on my presentation skills, as well as personal interaction with others, especially in idea generation and analysis. The group work process was successful owing to the able-leadership of the group chair, who participated actively, while also encouraging the generation of ideas and solutions, through leading by example (Thill and Courtland, 102). The leadership style was interactive, involving and participatory. Conclusion Through the presentations and group work process, I have greatly improved, and I am now able to make presentations more effectively than before.

The interaction with the peers has also made me even more confident and competent in English, since the peers have kept commending me and encouraging me to improve my English skills, while actively showing me how to pronounce and use various English vocabularies. This far, I am now more effective in presentations, communications, as well as idea and solution generation. Works Cited Thill, John V, and Courtland L. Bovée. Excellence in Business Communication. Boston: Pearson, 2013. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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